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Samsung to produce one million units of its foldable smartphone initially


Last updated: November 11th, 2018 at 20:25 UTC+02:00

Samsung didn’t unveil its foldable smartphone at SDC 2018 this week but it did show off its foldable display. The actual device was obscured in a black box which allowed the company to show off the display without revealing its design. Samsung said that it will be able to start mass producing the Infinity Flex foldable display in a matter of months.

This means that the foldable smartphone will not be available before next year. Samsung’s mobile division boss DJ Koh has said that the company will initially produce one million units of the device. It may decide to increase production if the market response is good. He has previously confirmed that the foldable device will be released globally.

Samsung foldable smartphone will be widely available

The initial production run of one million units will enable the company to measure the market’s pulse. If it feels that there’s enough demand it can then increase production. It’s difficult to say at this point in time how customers will react to this device.

The foldable smartphone does have the uniqueness factor going in its favor. It will be one of the very few devices on the market next year that you can fold in half. However, the price is going to be a major factor. If it’s too expensive then Samsung may not find a lot of takers for the device other than enthusiasts and its diehard fans.

Samsung hasn’t revealed any information about the foldable smartphone at this point in time. It didn’t say what the specs are, how much it weighs and how big is the battery. This information will only be revealed when Samsung is ready to unveil the foldable smartphone officially.

Koh also pointed out that Samsung met with Google CEO Sundar Pichai two months ago and they create a task force to work on the unique user interface for the foldable device. Samsung will now be working with developers so that they can create apps for the device which are available on launch day.

Koh didn’t say precisely when we can expect the foldable smartphone to arrive in 2019.

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