Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone could be exclusive to EE in the UK

The long-awaited Samsung foldable phone, supposedly called the Galaxy F, could be exclusive to EE in the UK. The carrier is reportedly in talks with Samsung to become the sole distributor of the phone in the country. And if the deal goes ahead as planned, EE will sell both on contract and SIM-free Galaxy Fs. The SIM-free variant, however, will also be available through dedicated Samsung stores.

The Galaxy F, which was first shown at the SDC 2018 a couple of weeks ago, is expected to release in March next year.

Galaxy F could be a mega-expensive device

If you’ve already decided to buy the Galaxy F, be prepared to pay a lot. You may, in fact, want to pay monthly for the Samsung foldable phone, rather than all at once, because it’s gonna cost you big. Earlier reports suggested the phone to cost as high as $1,700 (around £1,365). Now the latest report puts it at an even bigger price bracket of £1,500 – £2,000 ($1,930 – $2,570).

Apparently, Samsung will offer the Galaxy F with multiple configurations. But even then, the cheapest model will cost higher than earlier estimates suggested, while the most expensive one may well breach the £2,000 mark.

Splitting the cost to monthly installments could be the best idea if you’re already on the EE network. However, if you’re not, and don’t want to join either, Samsung does offers a contract system for its SIM-free phones. The company lets you pay off some of its phones over two years. Now it remains to be seen if Samsung will include the Galaxy F into this programme.

While it may be hard to justify the Galaxy F’s cost at the moment, Samsung very well knows what it’s making. The company has already confirmed that it will produce one million units of the foldable smartphone initially. And that only speaks about the confidence the company has on the phone. There’s no word yet on whether the phone will be exclusive to certain regions. However, one shouldn’t be surprised if that happens, given it’s not a device with mass appeal.

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