Samsung’s affordable phones will soon get wireless charging

Samsung has revamped its strategy for mid-range models and will now be packing them with more tech. This means that we will finally see wireless charging being offered on its more affordable devices. Samsung is reportedly working on a new wireless charging for these devices as well.

According to a new report out of South Korea, Samsung is going to launch a new low-cost wireless charger later this month. It would be cheaper so that customers who purchase its affordable devices can pick one up as well. Its existing Wireless Charger Duo and Stand cost $150 and $70 respectively. That’s not the kind of money a customer picking up a smartphone worth a couple of hundred dollars would spend on a wireless charger.

Wireless charging coming soon to affordable Samsung devices

A Samsung official cited in the report says that wireless charging is the next feature to trickle down from flagship devices to affordable models. This suggests that some upcoming Galaxy A and Galaxy J models might have this functionality.

Samsung’s new wireless charger is expected to cost 20,000 won. That’s around $20. Despite its lower price, the charger will reportedly have the same capacity as Samsung’s existing chargers and even support for fast wireless charging.

It may even have the same transmitter module with 10W output like the expensive models. The charger would thus be compatible with its flagship handsets as well. So a cheaper model will surely be good for all customers.

The company has begun executing its new strategy for mid-range devices. The new Galaxy A7 is its first smartphone with a triple camera system. Samsung is due to launch its first four camera device later this month. The company is taking steps to better compete against Chinese rivals in this lucrative segment.

Another new device is due later this year. It would be Samsung’s first device with an in-display fingerprint sensor. Whether or not this device will have wireless charging remains to be seen.

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