Samsung’s new wireless charger has two fast wireless charging pads

Samsung is set to unveil a new wireless charger with the Galaxy Note 9. This charger was certified by the FCC last month, hinting at support for faster wireless charging speeds than Samsung’s current fast wireless chargers. That was thanks to the higher input power rating mentioned in the FCC documents, but it looks like support for fast charging two devices wirelessly at the same time is the reason the new charger will draw in more voltage and current, not for offering faster charging speeds.

Two fast charging wireless pads

An image of the new charger’s box reveals that it will be called Wireless Charger Duo. There will be two charging pads on it, one standing at an angle and one lying horizontally. As mentioned on the side of the box, both pads will support fast wireless charging at the same time, and the horizontal pad will also be able to charge the upcoming Galaxy Watch. It’s clearly a take on the Apple AirPower wireless charging pad, which can charge three different devices at once. It’s an idea Samsung should have come up with much sooner considering how long it has been offering wireless charging on its devices, but the company will bring its offering to the public before Apple, which hasn’t released the AirPower pad nearly a year after it was unveiled.

There’s no information on how much the Wireless Charger Duo will cost, although Mobile Fun has the product listed for $53.49 in both black and white. That’s clearly not the right price, however, as Samsung sells its current fast wireless charger for nearly $60. But we shouldn’t have to wait too long for the official details, as each day brings us closer and closer to the Galaxy Note 9’s announcement. Hopefully, the company will also offer the product for free with pre-orders in some countries.

Will you be picking up one of these when they go on sale?


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You seem to forget that they have already released the wireless tray years ago, that charges two devices wirelessly and one device wired. it was release the same time as their Bottle Wireless LED 360 speaker. It certainly ISN’T copying Apple! how can you say that when Samsung have had wireless charging for YEARS, but no… they are still copying apple years later!?!


This is not the first wireless charger duo from Samsung, they have already launched one in 2016. Link: