Rumor: The Galaxy S9 may not have notably reduced front bezels after all

Well, here’s something to put a damper on our excitement for a Galaxy S9 with crazy small bezels. Ice Universe, the Twitter and Weibo leaker who has a mostly accurate track record with smartphone leaks, says that Samsung’s improved design for the Galaxy S9, which would have notably reduced the bezel above and below the screen compared to the Galaxy S8, has failed to “pass the test.” This design has apparently been “killed”, and the S9 is now expected to look mostly similar to its predecessor as far as the display and the bezel around it are concerned.

Galaxy S9 front fascia could be similar to the Galaxy S8’s

Now, there was never any solid proof that the Galaxy S9’s screen-to-body ratio would surpass anything else that’s on the market, which is why we passed it off as a rumor back then. It’s also been said the aspect ratio on the S9 and S9+ displays would remain the same as seen on the Galaxy S8 and S8+, so it’s not surprising to hear that Samsung may be sticking to a similar design this time around. The back of the phone, then, is where the major changes would happen, including a re-positioning of the fingerprint sensor and two cameras instead of one for at least the plus-sized model.

However, there’s a chance Ice Universe could be off the mark with his latest information, although at this point, we have to consider the fact that any new leaks and rumors may be based on the real deal as Samsung has no doubt finalized the design of the phone by now. The S9 may well turn out to be a more polished Galaxy S8, just like the S7 brought improvements to what Samsung had introduced with the Galaxy S6. We’re just going to have to wait and see to get a clearer picture of the Korean giant’s upcoming flagship(s).

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