Rumor: Galaxy S9 screen-to-body ratio may be as high as 89-90 percent

There’s been a fair bit of talk about the Galaxy S9 in the rumor mill recently, with even a near-final version of the phone supposedly appearing in case renders. The source of those case renders had said that the bezel above the display might be narrower than what is portrayed in the renders, and we have received a tip to support that claim. In fact, our tipster tells us the Galaxy S9’s screen-to-body ratio may be as high as 90 percent, nearly six percent higher than that of the Galaxy S8+.

Galaxy S9 bezels could be a lot smaller than the S8’s

Now, Samsung has made a point of not mentioning an exact number for the screen-to-body ratio on its flagships, but if we look at the available data, the Galaxy S8+’s ratio is around 84 percent (for beginners, screen-to-body ratio is an indication of how much surface the screen takes up compared to the whole device). With the “bezel-less” designs of smartphones today, companies have been on a mission to offer as big a screen as possible on as compact bodies as possible. Naturally, we’re still some ways off from truly all-screen phones, but Samsung may have made some strides with the Galaxy S9 to get closer to that goal.

According to the information we have received, the bottom chin seen on the Galaxy S8 will be next to non-existent on the Galaxy S9, and the top bezel will be narrower than the S8’s bottom bezel. It’s unclear if the bezels on the left and right of the display will be reduced, although Samsung may not have much room to play around in that regard because of how the screen curves at the sides, and how the side bezels are already at a bare minimum on the Galaxy Note 8.

Of course, this is just a rumor that may or may not be based on fact, so take it with the proverbial pinch of salt. It certainly sounds plausible, and with the iPhone X now heating up the competition, Samsung could do with gaining as many brownie points as it can with the Galaxy S9.

Rumor: Galaxy S9 screen-to-body ratio may be as high as 89-90 percent

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