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Samsung has shipped more than five million Gear VR devices

Samsung dropped an interesting figure during its press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 today. President and COO of Samsung Electronics America Tim Baxter mentioned during his talk that the company has shipped more than five million Gear VR devices and consumers have viewed more than ten million hours of immersive video using Samsung’s virtual reality solution.

The company has been working hard since last year to push its VR credentials. It has created an entire end-to-end virtual reality solution that includes the Gear 360 camera which enables users to easily capture VR content that they can then view with the Gear VR headset. Samsung launched a slightly improved version of its Gear VR headset last year.

Samsung has relied on promotions and offers to push virtual reality. Last year, it gave away a free Gear VR headset to all those who pre-ordered a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge, and it goes without saying that millions of people across the globe pre-ordered one of the best flagships that Samsung has ever made.


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I think I am one of the very few people who have actually bought a Gear VR for my Edge+. So many people have gotten it free with the S7s and Note7. Even today, there are companies doing promotions for a free Gear VR.


I had to buy mine. Seemed you got one free all last year except when I bought my S7 Edge.

The Gear VR is amazing. Very impressed with it.