Casey Neistat teaches supermodel Karlie Kloss and you how to create content with Gear 360

Samsung announced its first 360-degree camera called Gear 360 earlier this year. The little sphere easily enables users to capture their own moments in virtual reality. Samsung released the camera in limited quantities at first but the Gear 360 is now easily available for purchase. If you’re interested in picking one up then you will surely be interested in watching a new promotional video from Samsung which features popular YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat teaching supermodel Karlie Kloss – and you by extension – how to create content using the Gear 360 camera.

Neistat starts off by explaining how just easy the Gear 360 makes it to capture virtual reality content and then provides an overview of the physical attributes of the camera. The Galaxy S7 edge makes an appearance in the video as well when Neistat uses it to show how easy it is to control the camera using the Gear 360 Manager app. The concept of capturing content in 360-degree virtual reality is explained very well so that users can get the most out of their Gear 360.

It’s a pretty informative video that touches a lot of bases in under five minutes. Do check it out if you’re curious to know more about how VR content can be created with the Gear 360.

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