Galaxy X to arrive in Q3-Q4 2017

We said 8 months ago that Samsung intends to launch five Galaxy flagships in 2017, with a foldable, 4K-resolution Galaxy X among them. Well, we have seen a prototype of the next big thing but have heard nothing about an announcement or launch date. Samsung has been teasing foldable smartphones on the market for some time (eight years since it showcased its first flexible display), but without an announcement or arrival date, a concept remains just a concept. Samsung is finally ready to bring the Galaxy X to the spotlight, with word from China that the Galaxy X will launch in Q3 or Q4 2017. This matches Korea’s own statement on the matter from weeks ago.

Outside of the resolution of this flagship, we know little else about the Galaxy X except that it will be a smartphone with a foldable display that will also have scrolling capabilities (if the end-of-2016 patents tell anything) as well as a touch area on not only app icons on the display but also the edge of the foldable smartphone. Additionally, the Galaxy X will utilize various biometric forms including fingers, face, and palm, among others. We’re sure there’ll be more details to surface as we get closer to the launch date. What this tells us is that Samsung is more content with finalizing and releasing flagships than merely creating concepts. Samsung’s “Galaxy” is headed for a new frontier.

Galaxy X arrival date

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