Exclusive: Galaxy S8 display retains 2K resolution, new material enhances quality, home button ditched

There have been countless rumors over the past couple of months that the Galaxy S8 might feature a 4K display but we’re now hearing from our sources that this may not be the case. Our sources reveal that the Galaxy S8 display retains the 2K resolution of its predecessor but since the Super AMOLED panel will be made out of a new material, it’s going to be all about quality over quantity with the next flagship.

The new Super AMOLED display of the Galaxy S8 is going to have the standard RGB arrangement, it will consume less power and will have a longer service life. We performed a detailed screen analysis of the Galaxy S7 edge earlier this year and found that it has the exact same pixel layout as the Galaxy S6 edge – the Diamond PenTile layout with 7,372,800 pixels.

That’s not going to be the case with the Galaxy S8 display which will have a Standard RGB arrangement with 11,059,200 pixels. It retains the 2560×1440 pixel resolution of its predecessor, though, so it’s going to be called a 2K display. The RGB array is going to provide a noticeable improvement in virtual reality environments.

Samsung may have decided against a 4K display for the Galaxy S8 because either it deems it too early or finds it to be a bit too expensive at this point in time. The company appears to be favoring quality this time around and you can’t really fault it for that. Better to have a display that feels like it has actually been improved than one that can merely be marketed as being 4K.

We’ve also heard that Samsung is going to ditch the home button in its next flagship. The screen-to-body ratio is going to be very high and the design will be similar to that of the Galaxy Note 7. The fingerprint sensor will be embedded within the display itself making the Galaxy S8 the first handset to feature proper optical fingerprint identification.

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6 months 14 days ago

Kinder wishing for a 4k display for the Galaxy s8 but for the new display what is different between Pen tile display and RGB display?

6 months 18 days ago

I hope they don’t have dual camera it’s stupid. I had v20 and I returned it because the dual camera made the pictures look to weird odd distorted. Also bring exynos chip to U.S it’s so much faster. Plus the other chip all phones get it so nothing stands out not many phones have exynos. I saw a s7 edge with exynos and with snapdragon going against Apple 7. The snapdragon edge was so slow the exynos either beat Apple or tide with it. I like the double tap button for the camera but I can live without for bigger screen plus there will be a workaround

6 months 18 days ago

Am I the only person in the world that loves the double tap Home button feature that launches the camera??? No mention of what Samsung plans to do with that. I guess another feature that they plan to get rid of…SMH!

6 months 18 days ago

They would use the google method of double tab home button?
The quick camera launch has been a top reason to have an s7 or 6

6 months 18 days ago

My wish List/prediction for general:

2 models Similar size if not thinner than s7 with larger bezelless screen (5.5 & 5.7) 2k or 4k curved screen

64gb internal memory up to 256 but at least make these options available from day one and no need to wait 3 months like the s6 for 128 GB model

If true removed home button with on-screen finger print reader

Bigger batteryy

Usb type c

Micro SD card up to 256gb

6gb ram


Better front and back camera 8mp & 16mp respectively – duel camera if possible

Stereo speakers on bottom

Please give a metal back like the c models… But unlikely and with have crappy glass back :(

Silver models to be available from day one

Less bloatware

Exynos and sd processor rest if world and us/China variants… Exynos being faster again

Updated design where the curved screen is similar to note 7 but rest of design comes with refresh

Let’s see how my prediction plans out in few months

6 months 18 days ago

Camera..screan…all the things I’m waiting for grrrr

6 months 18 days ago

Seems to me they are holding back killer features for the note 8

6 months 18 days ago

this time im going to ditch the gold color, s6 gold ,s7 gold,its time for a new color,im tired of the gold color,hope they make colors like apple did ,matte

6 months 18 days ago

Been hoping and asking Samsung for Red ever since the S6s launched in Blue and Green. Hopefully they’ll appreciate people like colour in their lives lol

6 months 18 days ago

Is that new material grippy? Because a quality feel does not add up to the wet bar of fingerprint soap the S6-7 series is.

Don’t know about the home button, I strongly dislike the onscreen buttons on Android.

6 months 18 days ago

Would be nice if the larger variant comes with an S Pen. I don’t really care what they call it.

6 months 18 days ago

Totally agree..even one which is s pen or tab pro s pen sensitive

6 months 18 days ago

Not sure I will be able to hold out for the Note8, this sounds pretty cool! If they’re selling it in a deep red colour, which I’ve suggested for the past 2 years, I’m sold!

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