Latest Galaxy S8 specs leak hints at 5.5-inch 4K Display and 6GB RAM

Samsung fans are now looking forward to the Galaxy S8 as the company is expected to bounce back in spectacular fashion after the unfortunate events with the Galaxy Note 7. We’ve already seen a lot of rumors and leaks concerning the Galaxy S8′s specs, the latest out of China suggests that Samsung’s next flagship will feature a 5.5-inch 4K display and 6GB of RAM.

The Galaxy S8 is rumored to feature a 5.5-inch 4K display which is something that VR fans will certainly appreciate. This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about the Galaxy S8 touting a 4K display so the rumor mill still considers it as a possibility. It may be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor in some markets and by Samsung’s Exynos 8895 in others, both processors are made on the next-gen 10nm process. The rumor also claims that the Galaxy S8 is going to feature 6GB of RAM, and while Samsung recently launched a handset with 6GB of RAM, it can’t be said for sure whether it will go down this road for the Galaxy S8.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S8 at Mobile World Congress 2017 in February next year. According to the rumor, Samsung is going to actually release the handset at some point in March.


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Samsung Observer
7 months 19 days ago

Just hoping there’s a non-edge version.

7 months 29 days ago

6 inch 4K display good

7 months 29 days ago

Hopefully they will listen to their customers this time and add back the IR blaster and removable battery.

7 months 29 days ago

Samsung are on the wrong way. No new features, less sensors, more RAM and more Powerful CPU but the same phone. The Best Note was Note 3 it has a lot of sensors and they make it interesting device.The lack of software updates…..they sell new hardware and software but in fact the same boring phones.Maybe as result of all that we can start buy a chinese alternative super phones. They have the same power but for less money… and because of that we can change them more often.

7 months 29 days ago

First, you say “same phone” but say “more RAM and powerful CPU”. With that we can already tell the next phone is going to be a huge deal. A phone isn’t and shouldn’t be a multifunctional device that makes you breakfast, it is just what its name implies: a phone. Fast, good looking phone with a few useful features.
Second, not trying to defend Samsung, but they have a hell of a lot work to do when it comes to releasing updates. If you’re interested, see why. I myself love Touchwiz (which I mostly blame for slow update thing), at least for features it brings to us (there’s a 2-year gap between Samsung and Nexus phones when it comes to that). I’m not asking you to love it as well, if you can’t deal with the fact that Samsung phones aren’t in the race for receiving updates, then buy a Nexus/Pixel or Motorol, or how you said “chinese alternative super phones” that could die on you almost as fast as a Note 7.

Harrison G.
7 months 29 days ago

I hope they could just concentrate on replacing the note 7 users who didn’t want to downgrade to Note 5 or S7E but just wanted the latest Note with the S-Pen without the fire. Sigh.

7 months 29 days ago

5.5-inch? This is a Note 8 not a S8 ! I hate phablets, so I hate the S8.

7 months 29 days ago

Just make QHD in RGB layout… But we will get a lot of rumours, only to be disappointed in the end.

7 months 29 days ago

QHD is already overkill. Why 4K ? I won’t buy it if it’s going to have a 4K display. 1080p is the best resolution for a smartphone.

7 months 26 days ago

1080p is outdated!
If you want to enjoy more and more content in VR with much improved display so wants the big deal!

7 months 29 days ago

as the article says: “The Galaxy S8 is rumored to feature a 5.5-inch 4K display which is something that VR fans will certainly appreciate”
The Gear VR using a FHD display looks like the image is made with Duplo blocks and even QHD is too low, like you are looking at everything through a wire mesh. 4K would make a big difference there. Outside of VR it is rather pointless though.

7 months 29 days ago

I hope not. The S7 is the only true flagship of compact size on the market.

7 months 29 days ago

I would say the S7 edge is compact also … even more so if the rumors about removing the home button is true.

7 months 29 days ago

The idea of having 4K for viewing content is cool but do we have the battery and optimization if hardware and software to keep the phone going? I could barely squeeze a full day out of the Note7

7 months 30 days ago

Pls samsung…2K is enough
Imagine what is the price if they opted for 4K

7 months 30 days ago

They really need to work on making a battery that lasts more than one day, its great that they have fast charging, but I’d prefer not to have to worry to have a fast charging cable nearby all the time.

Ionut Ciprian
7 months 30 days ago

Instead of getting smarter and adding more functionality they are getting bigger and bigger every year.

7 months 30 days ago

Sounds interesting 6gb ram but they do need to make sure base has 64gb infernal memory storage or better yet 128.

Apps and contents are becoming bigger especially 4k material thus 32gb is not enough. Unfortunately not all can be moved to sd cards and the annoyances of constantly moving apps over to sd after update is tiring.

Hope they do keep a 5.1 inch model with 4k screen too.

Will be annoying to have a pro version only for the larger phone

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