Huge hardware changes predicted for the Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 is going to be a crucial device for Samsung as it seeks to salvage its reputation after the botched launch of the Galaxy Note 7. It’s entirely possible that Samsung would want to push the envelope on its next flagship to show consumers and its rivals that it’s still capable of making great devices. A report out of South Korea predicts that Samsung will introduce huge hardware changes with the Galaxy S8.

The report claims that Samsung might remove the home button from the Galaxy S8. This might compel you to ask where the fingerprint sensor will go, Samsung is reportedly going to integrate it right into the display itself. Samsung’s dual-edge displays have allowed the company to eliminates bezels from the sides of its flagship smartphones and it’s now expected to expand the curved display to the top and bottom edges of the Galaxy S8. If this is true it would mean that the next flagship will truly be “full-screen.”

It’s also claimed that the Galaxy S8 is going to be the first handset in this series to feature a dual-camera. A component industry representative cited in the report says that Samsung has already finalized this decision and that now it’s just in the process of deciding whether to use an all-in-one dual-camera or separated dual-camera.

Samsung is also said to launch the Galaxy S8 earlier than expected to contain the fallout from the Galaxy Note 7 debacle that just doesn’t seem to be in a mood to end. However, the company will probably think twice about this as many believe that the Galaxy Note 7 was rushed to beat the iPhone 7 and we all know what happened next. It will surely go the extra mile to ensure that these issues don’t surface in its next flagship smartphone.

None of this has been officially confirmed as yet so take it with a grain of salt. We’re likely to hear more about this device in the coming months. The Galaxy S8 will be out in the first quarter of 2017.


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6 months 17 days ago

Rumours! Sorry can’t accept this prediction straight from the media.

6 months 18 days ago

So, Samsung is now most probably removing the headphone jack that they used to mock iPhone about (ironically, at the release of the notorious Note 7). Don’t care, but come on, make a decision already – do you like 3.5 mm jacks or not?
iPhone might not be my choice, but Apple doesn’t let customers down, they give them what they promised, they don’t put a lot of new stuff they haven’t even tested and they use common sense and brain when they make their phones, and never have any issues (particularly not exploding-in-pocket issues) other than customization limit (but that’s again because Apple doesn’t want to experiment but to give a good phone to their customers). When they add something they add it slowly, but surely, so it’s not that they don’t improve their phones at all, it’s just that they are slowly doing it. I also respect their originality, they never copy anyone, and in fact, their phones are being copied a lot these days from what I see. If Samsung hasn’t learned not to copy anyone and not to rush things from Note 7, then Galaxy S8 will be a fail for me no matter how good it would be on paper. Also if they are ditching 3.5mm they will probably be ditching many more fans again. Makes no sense.
Again, I’m not an iPhone fanboy nor I want to bad-mouth Samsung, it’s just my personal opinion. I have a Galaxy S4 and I’m loving it after 2 years. Was thinking of buying an S7/S7E next year because they are awesome, probably the only two of their phones since Note 4 that are great for their price and have all that I need (yes I hate when phones don’t have microSD, can live with a non-removable battery and w/o a headphone jack but without microSD I can’t, and that’s why I won’t be buying an iPhone anytime soon). Also they are gonna probably be cheaper then.
Just to be sure you won’t be trolling me on this post for only talking about iPhone, take LG for example: they ditched modularity on V20 because they saw it wasn’t going to be good, but they kept all the good things (yay!), and I’m sure the phone will come to Europe, just like G5 and V10 eventually did, so even if they try something new everytime they try it so they can fix what users don’t like. Sammy should learn from them. Most of its customers haven’t lost faith, I haven’t either, they can fix this if they want, I’m sure.

6 months 17 days ago

Totally agree! Samsung want to release new features a way too fast unlike apple, by doing so their devices lacks or had many badly managed hardware issues. I really like samsung by it’s functionality, especially the notes range. But sometimes I’m wondering if sammy’s better take apple’s initiative, I’m not saying they have to copy apple but to improve their devices slowly but surely. I won’t buy newly devices anymore, not to say that I don’t like samsung anymore, but since I got my s6E I wouldn’t have changed it if there weren’t that battery issue. Now I’m on note5 and I’ll stay with it for a more 2 years despite the lack of sd card slot. The only thing I reproach to samsung’s device it that light sensor thing which doesn’t increase or decrease gradually like iphone’s or other devices do, it’s like coming from a dark to a lighted room.

6 months 17 days ago

Actually Samsung does not release new features. Unlike Apple, they throw them out on the market (as most of the oems do – not Samsung necessarily, so we don’t start Apple fanboism here), and then they think what they are good for and try to make a system out of it. When Samsung Gear 1 was released, Samsung just hit the market with it, without much in terms of apps / features – and tried gradually to discover what their product is actually good for – and those features got released later for newer watches, and almost none for the older models – even if 90% of the spec was the same, just to sell new devices. So as an early adopter you’re basically screwed here. Same was with Gear VR / Note 4.
Apple released years later almost the same watch, but made it clear to their fan base (in sheep herd fashion why is it good for them, and why they really need it). It is really how you feel when you buy something new. PR basically. When you get a new Apple you are the star for a while – and here with Samsung the example is the worst – when you buy a Samsung you basically almost know the specs (or at least rumors) that in 3-4 months your phone gets outclassed by the same company’s Next Big Thing. You lack that “king of the hill” feeling, especially when you pay almost 1k Euros / Dollars for that device. And if you ever tried Samsung’s support … well that department never got anything right; ever.
I do have Samsung – never went the Apple way – because I need certain features Apple does not provide; but I slowly feel more and more why someone would pay a premium price for an Apple product; because you get a premium product – whith all things which belong to it: marketing, feeling AND support.

6 months 18 days ago

No issues? You must not remember the iPhone 6 the way I remember it. There are now reports of exploding iPhones, not because of a battery flaw but because of the infamous structural flaw of the iPhone 6/6 Plus. The ones that have blown up have been due to the battery being compromised by the bending structure.

6 months 18 days ago

But not enough for a recall how many Note 7 have exploded so far? Before and after recall.

6 months 18 days ago

same amount or more or less as much as Iphones have exploded. It’s just that the Note 7 admitted it hence the public was aware (hawthorne effect) and apple didn’t.

6 months 17 days ago

Witch one are you talking about when you say iPhones? Here i’m just talking about the note 7 not all samsung phones are you counting from iphone 2G to iphone 7?
Because that’s not fair because if i count all samsung phones then.

6 months 18 days ago

I think that next year is the first year that i will not buy a new phone. Everything looks that all OEM-s vent nuts and my S7 EDGE is still top shit device. So this is probably the first phone in 10 years that i will not change for new one after one year. They will not see my money. :)

Total Faith
6 months 18 days ago

I would say the same if I had an S7. But as I have the S6 I really wanna upgrade my Android power user experience^^ I will wait for the Nougat Update. If it brings back battery life to at least 3 hours SOT per day on heavy usage for the S6 with 8h standby time I will stay on it. If it fails to deliver this experience I will look for the S8. If it decreases performance, battery and snappiness of the device I would not look for another Samsung smartphone anymore for some time and instead choose probably the Pixel (or Pixel XL) by Google :D

6 months 18 days ago

Apple wants to remove the home button on the iPhone 8, Samsung might remove the home button on the GS8. What has everyone got against home buttons?

Ah well, if this turns out to be true about the S8 and iph8, guess I’ll be going to Pixel. (Currently S7) I know the Pixel doesn’t have a home button, but that’s the only reason I currently haven’t ordered one. If the S8 and iph8 both don’t, I might as well.

6 months 17 days ago

I think home button will stay there you just don’t have to press it :P like I check a Chinese phone xiaomi pro , you can just touch the home button for homepage or press it whatever you want , more like in some Huawei phone you don’t have to press unlock key first or home button to unlock phone with fingerprint sensor , just place finger on home button if it’s match the phone will unlock else nothing

Total Faith
6 months 18 days ago

Home buttons can get rekt over some time. Software buttons will always stay, as long as the display works :)

Martin DAYI
5 months 29 days ago

As long as they don’t cause burn in in ammoled.

6 months 18 days ago

Well for me their best phone by a country mile was/is the Galaxy S5.
Plenty of individual features including a removable battery and a solid dependable unit.
To me the new phones (S6 and S7) look ‘nice’ and obviously store more data and with faster processors, 4k screens which you cant tell the difference, but really the difference is negligible and not worth a 30% price premium.
IF Samsung REALLY wants to show them, combine all of the S5, 6 and 7 and stop trying to reinvent the wheel.

6 months 18 days ago

Go buy Nokia 1100. Plenty of individual feature and solid dependable unit. I still have S5 even though I own S6 Edge now primarily and S5 is a shame !!

6 months 18 days ago

The S8 will never fail to disappoint if these rumour mills continue.

Will there be a piece of velcro on the back to slide your hand in to actually hold the phone?

Perhaps they will make the battery removable. That seems to be quite new on top tier handsets these days.

6 months 18 days ago

Samsung should take its time to pick up its pieces, rushing once more will turn against it.
Anyway, lot’s of people will not buy again naively a flagship that costs a fortune and it bursts in fire. They are going to wait for feedback from the impatient ones (who should make firstly a fire insurance for their belongings…just in case…).
My thoughts about S8? Samsung put IR, non-Inflammable battery 3800mah, activate as well analog radio chip (it’s not fair that cheaper models have it activated) and we will forget/forgive the Note 7 fiasco :)

6 months 18 days ago

How can it be full screen? what about the front camera? It would not look nice if the bottom is bezel-less but the top has a wide bezel…