Samsung reportedly rushed the Galaxy Note 7 to beat the iPhone 7

The Galaxy Note 7’s battery woes are well documented. It’s expected that Samsung will spend as much as $1 billion trying to clear up this mess and now that it has finally started sending out replacement inventory we can try to find out why all of this happened in the first place. A new report suggests that it was Samsung’s intention to beat the iPhone 7 to the market this year which caused it to rush the Galaxy Note 7 as well as its battery at Samsung SDI.

Bloomberg reports that Samsung predicted early on this year that the iPhone 7 wasn’t going to be that big of an update and saw this as a perfect opportunity to introduce a feature-packed Galaxy Note 7. The latest flagship brings several new features to the Note lineup including but not limited to the dual-edge curved display and the iris scanner. It also features a battery that’s larger than any of its predecessors and supports fast charging. Samsung also moved up the launch by ten days to undercut the iPhone which is probably why the focus might have been on getting this handset out the door as soon as possible. The rush to beat the iPhone 7 is now being mentioned as a major reason behind the Galaxy Note 7.

If that really is the case, Samsung wouldn’t be too happy with how it all turned out. The company has already lost tens of billions of dollars in market value and its brand value has taken a significant hit as well. The intended purpose has not been achieved as well because Samsung had to suspend sales of the Galaxy Note 7 and they remain suspended to this day while the iPhone 7 has already been released.

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