[Poll Results!] Are you happy for Samsung to ditch the physical home button on the Galaxy S8?

Earlier today, we reported that Samsung is still yet to place an order with its main suppliers for the components required to manufacture the home button for the upcoming Galaxy S8, which has led many to speculate that the South Korean company may opt for an all-glass design for its next-generation Galaxy S smartphone with an edge-to-edge front panel.

Obviously, if it goes down this route it will need to relocate the fingerprint sensor that currently resides in the home button on the Galaxy S7. We’re guessing that it will opt for an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner from Qualcomm that will be fixed beneath the all-screen screen on the front of the device, as opposed to moving the scanner to the back like it is on the Galaxy S5.

This sparks the question, “Are you happy for Samsung to remove the physical home button on the Galaxy S8?” I’d love to know what you think, so be sure to drop a vote in the dedicated poll below. If you’re feeling talkative, you can also take to the comments section to share a more detailed response. I’ll be replying to comments over on Twitter too, so make sure you reach out.

Poll Results: The majority of voters (36%) were happy for Samsung to ditch the home button on the Galaxy S8 on the proviso that it creates an alternative fingerprint scanner that’s just as reliable as the one on its current smartphones. On the other hand, 33% of people are happy for the firm to do away with the button in exchange for an ultrasonic offering, while 30% of people hope that it carries the button over to its next flagship.

Are you happy for Samsung to ditch the physical home button on the Galaxy S8?

  • Yes, but only if it can create a reliable alternative fingerprint scanner. (36%, 1,263 Votes)
  • Yes, it’s time for a change. (33%, 1,157 Votes)
  • No, I’m happy with the current design. (30%, 1,059 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,479

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2 months 24 days ago

The main reason I like Samsung is for the actual home button I hate having to swipe up for my home but now that Samsung has removed it there is nothing different from other phones if I have to upgrade from my s7 edge I’ll be going else where, probably go for the new Lg G6 if I can’t have a home button might as well go with lg at least they have been home button free for yrs less likely to encounter problems,

7 months 15 days ago

I’m happy with the change
This change will give Samsung the ability to increase the size of the screen. 5.7 for the S8 and 6.2 for the S8 plus, while at the same time keeping the phones at the same size they have now (s7 and S7 Edge size)
As far as gloves go, you can always use the iris scanner when we’re wearing gloves or our hands are wet

7 months 15 days ago

If they can make the iris scanner recognize when I want to answer the call, instead of just looking who’s calling, then it will be a worthy replacement.
And please don’t suggest anything based on blinking… :D

7 months 16 days ago

In Finland, we have this thing called one week of summer, so gloves are a must most of the year. Answering calls by pressing the home button, no matter how thick your gloves are, is an awesome feature…

7 months 16 days ago

“opposed to moving the scanner to the back like it is on the Galaxy S5.”
Err… No..?

7 months 16 days ago

These changes they want to the users of other brands (Sony Huawei, etc.) who would like to have Samsung. I had S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7e now and can not imagine Samsung’s no home button!

7 months 16 days ago

For me “Home Button” is the biggest advantage of Samsung phones.
After the changes take place cons use.

7 months 17 days ago

I did not Vote in this poll as I did not even have a none of the above choice. With out a removable battery the physical buttons seem to be a reliable way to reset or access the other menus. But as long as the implementation is well thought out, I would not care. Switches wear out, but are more reliable when you are having software problems. I would hope that Samsung doesn’t create a new failure from a software point. 2014 produced there best overall designs! But 2015, disappointment!!! 2016 great strides back towards 2014 but not enough and still the promise of monthly updates rings hollow, more disappointment. The best product out of the box is quickly a fail with out proper security support!

7 months 17 days ago

1 – DO NOT have a read fingerprint scanner, forcing you to pick up your phone to unlock
2 – DO NOT have on screen buttons, just have capacitive buttons, they rock and take no screen real estate and don’t force you to make an extra swipe to bring them up on fullscreen apps.

7 months 17 days ago

Here Samsung goes again trying to remove features that are iconic to their phones. They probably wont add back the removable battery or IR blaster. They just killed Samsung Link. Samsung is not going to recover from the Note 7 disaster if they keep going down this path and ignore what there customers want.

7 months 17 days ago

YES, as long as the fingerprint scanner IS NOT on the back and the capacitive home btn works with gloves.

7 months 17 days ago

What is the reason of removing this button?
Just let it be there. I really dont like software buttons.

7 months 17 days ago

No, I do not want on screen buttons. If Samsung can do this and “remove” the home button, so be it, otherwise, DON’T

7 months 17 days ago

I had an s5, and the fingerprint scanner was on the front because I had to swipe it down to unlock it. Don’t know what phone you were mistaking it for, but it’s definitely not on the s5! :)

7 months 17 days ago

Yes, its about time, the only flaw i can find with the S7 edge is the antiquated home button. This at least needs to be capacitive to unlock without having to push a button and be removed from the user experience. Big deal for me and because of this I may buy an S8. If there is still a clicky button, I may not be so quick to jump on it.

7 months 17 days ago

Make it like iPhone… I don’t want to lose any screen! Had galaxy s4 and s7e both home buttons where defected… fixed the s4 now waiting for my s7e replacement! Samsung home button is the worst

7 months 17 days ago

Not sure what you are talking about; however screen to body ratio of S7 or S7 edge are much better to any iPhone.

7 months 17 days ago

The fingerprint scanner is not on the back of the device in the galaxy S5. It’s in the home button.

7 months 17 days ago

To be honest that was one of many reasons why I like Samsung and I hated ALL the phones which had those touch buttons on the screen. In my opinion it just makes the screen look smaller. I understand that they want to change their style and I’m all for it, but the physical home button makes a huge difference since it was designed even on the original Galaxy S

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