Samsung reportedly developing full-screen OLED display for the Galaxy S8

Samsung has a point to prove with the Galaxy S8 following the misfortune it has had with the Galaxy Note 7. Rumors suggest that the Galaxy S8 is going to introduce some major hardware changes to the flagship lineup one of which is expected to be a nearly full-screen OLED display. A new report suggests that one of the most drastic changes for the Galaxy S8 will indeed be a nearly bezel-less or edge-to-edge OLED display that’s currently being developed by the company.

A Samsung Display researcher quoted in the report declined to confirm whether or not the Galaxy S8 is going to feature this display, only mentioning that the company is pouring considerable resources into the development of this panel. Park Won-sang, a principal engineer at Samsung Display, said that “Samsung Display would roll out a full-screen display whose display area ratio (a scale that measures space taken up by a display on the front part of a handset) reaches more than 90 percent next year.”

The average display area ratio is currently at 80 percent among most smartphones available in the market but some have been trying to push the envelope. Park said that Samsung Display will try and push this ratio to about 99 percent over the next few years which will basically mean that every corner of the device will be covered by the display panel.

Samsung might have to remove the home button for the Galaxy S8′s full-screen display and that’s why it’s rumored that the Galaxy S8 is going to be the world’s first smartphone to feature optical fingerprint recognition technology. The company hasn’t said much about the device itself aside from the hints that it’s going to have a “slick design” and improved camera. It has also ruled out an early launch for the Galaxy S8 so we should expect to see it at Mobile World Congress 2017 in February.



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7 months 23 days ago

Yeah, I do not see them getting rid of their bottom bezel just yet. I am very comfortable using my S6 edge+ and like their capacitive keys and home button. I can see Samsung possibly pushing their cameras, ear piece and sensors to the very top of the device, removing their logo from the front (which they have already done in select markets)and going for a larger display size there.

7 months 23 days ago

“The average display area ratio is currently at 80 percent among most smartphones”

Say what? If i’m not mistaken then only the Note 7 reached 80% and only the Mi Max reached 91%. Even the Sharp AQUOS Crystal reached “only” 78,5%. Most phones don’t even come close and are around 70-75%. The iphone 7 has only 65 % in comparison. Therefore the article is wrong in that statement and should be corrected.

7 months 23 days ago

Aesthetics over function, Smart phones have touch screens which means you have to be careful not to accidentally touch them. There is probably an optimum balance and I think we have actually already gone beyond that. Pixel phones have been criticised for their large bezels but actually they make it easier to use the phone.

We already have the “Edge” which looks great but serves no real purpose and actually make normal phone use more difficult.

I am sure I read here that Samsung where going to concentrate on features which have real benefits. It is sad then to learn that Samsung is choosing this direction.

7 months 23 days ago

I beg to differ. We (human beings) often make the mistake of regarding our own sentiments as representation of an entire group. For me, the “Edge” display is very practical as it allows me faster access to functions I use most (yes, I use it consistently) . It also doesn’t impede normal operation of the phone, for me. I don’t have access to enough data on whether this is the case for most so I’m inclined to reserve judgement.

Having more bezel may make it easier to use the phone for some but I’m not sure about most. “Real benefits” is a subjective phrase in this case. Also, there is no real functionality to having bezel on the top of a device (besides being the location for features like the camera, sensors, and speaker) so having this area completely occupied by screen, while keeping the aforementioned features) shouldn’t negatively impact the user experience.

7 months 23 days ago

I agree to some extent. The gs7 edge is such a beautiful phone but is very annoying to use without a case, due to the accidental touches.

With that said, I don’t think we should completely write off “bezel-less” phones. More work needs to be put into the entire form factor of the phone so that these accidental touches can be avoided. Just like the note 7 was an improvement from the gs7 edge, in the way that the back curve of the glass made it easier to avoid accidental touches.

I wish Samsung puts considerable effort to make the form of the gs8 in such a way that you avoid accidental touches. But lets see..

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