Galaxy S8 will be the first smartphone with optical fingerprint recognition

Samsung is expected to introduce some major hardware changes with the Galaxy S8, a recent report suggested that the next flagship is going to be truly “full-screen” as the display will be curved on the top and bottom edges as well. We’re now hearing whispers out of China that the Galaxy S8 is going to be the world’s first smartphone to feature optical fingerprint recognition technology. It will eliminate the need for the company to place a fingerprint scanner beneath the home button.

We’ve previously heard rumors that Samsung is going to integrate the Galaxy S8′s fingerprint scanner inside the display itself. An optical fingerprint scanner works when the finger is placed on a glass plate, or in a smartphone’s case, on the glass display. We’ve not seen this implementation in any other smartphones yet so the Galaxy S8 is certainly going to be the first smartphone to feature optical fingerprint recognition, which is both more accurate and faster than ultrasonic fingerprint recognition. It’s said that presently the yield of optical fingerprint recognition components for the Galaxy S8 is not high but since the handset is more than three months away, there’s ample time for yield issues to be addressed before the Galaxy S8 is released early next year.


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7 months 28 days ago

My sincere recommendations to Samsung…
1. Now that you have struck the best design with the Note 7, stick to it for at least 1 more iteration. Maybe add some sexy colors…
2. Start releasing both the S and the Note lines at the same time. It doesn’t really make any sense to release a Note in Sept that has the exact same hardware specs like the S series that release 6 months earlier. If you still continue with 2 events, at least make sure that the Note series has better specs, and not just the S-Pen!
3. Improve the quality of the Speakers… With Note 7, you have the worst set of speakers on the world’s best phone. Also, provide a better earphone set.

7 months 29 days ago

Much better implementation than on the limited-spaced out home button that’s for sure!

7 months 29 days ago

if they are going for the truly full screen display, then I just hope they keep their buttons the same way round. I am too used having the back button on the right and the recent window on the left! Stock android is the other way round and it’s odd to use when coming from a history of Samsung devices.

7 months 29 days ago

what’s the difference between Fingerprint in S7 and the nwe optical fingerprint

7 months 29 days ago

Optical allows the fingerprint scanner to be beneath the display, its faster and doesn’t need the display to be on to unlock the device like the current 7 series

7 months 29 days ago

what about the speaker and the front facing camera ?

7 months 29 days ago

I have never ever used the front facing camera because it’s so bad, but the speaker could be done like Xiaomi has done with its no-frame phone (MI X).

I have to say: after I have seen the MI X, all other phones looks old.

7 months 29 days ago

IMABIGBOY … ok so the fingerprint scanner and the speaker is solved .. still the front facing camera .. not everyone like you .. there are so many people out there crazy about selfies for example the C9 Pro has a 16 MP front facing camera .. so it is a big deal not something that can be removed easily

7 months 29 days ago

Maybe the front facing camera could be placed in the middle of the status bar and Touch Wizz reserves that area and does not display anything there?

7 months 29 days ago

what about a landscape mode ?

7 months 29 days ago

I highly doubt that the display itself will go from edge to edge, left to right, top to bottom. To me it sounds more like it’s the same as a Note 7 for example, but with edges at the top and bottom as well.

7 months 29 days ago

They promised a 80% screen to body ratio. The note 7 had a 78% screen to body ratio, I guess it will be the same bezel size as the Note 7 top and bottom but slightly curvier corners which will bump it that tiny bit up.

7 months 15 days ago

They didn’t promise 80%
Samsung CEO said OVER 90% screen

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