Over a million people are still using the Galaxy Note 7

It’s believed that more than a million people worldwide are still using the Galaxy Note 7, despite the CPSC’s decision to issue a second official recall of the handset following numerous reports of replacement models bursting into flames without any warning.

This latest statistic comes courtesy of South Korean publication Korea JoongAng Daily and cites customers who claim that they aren’t too keen on giving up their beloved Galaxy Note 7 because they simply can’t find another phone they like and believe to be evenly matched.

Personally, I find it a little worrying how consumers are willing to put the Galaxy Note 7′s unique features above their own personal safety, especially after Samsung announced that it would discontinue the unit and issue a global recall because it has public welfare concerns.

If you own a Galaxy Note 7, we urge you to take advantage of the recall options the manufacturer has put in place as the possibility of it bursting into a ball of flames is very much real. Up until December 31, you can swap the device for a replacement model of a different smartphone or a full cash refund.


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6 months 17 hours ago

As many others have shared, I will also not give up my Note 7 unless there is an adequate replacement or I am forced otherwise. Several have said that they can’t understand why someone would hold on to something that has been recalled. First, I don’t think many understand that the statistics are virtually nil that your/my Note 7 will be the one to have an issue. Second, it is a statement, much like a protest. I am protesting because I believe that this was either sabotage, faked, or proprietary preference, etc. Seems to me that Apple gets away with quite a bit without ever going through what Samsung has gone through. Other phones have issues without incurring a major recall.

6 months 8 days ago

The problem is that carriers in the US are making you downgrade by using your scheduled upgrade which was intended to move you into the Note 7 and PAYING for a phone you did not want. If you want Samsungs next flagship you will have to wait a full year before you are allowed to get out of the phone you didn’t want in the first place. They offer no discounts, no incentives. The $100 from Samsung is a joke. It’s spread over the two year contract of the replacement phone. It’s bullshit and the consumer gets shafted. That’s why I sent back my s7 edge and decided to keep the Note 7 . I have Verizon. The likelihood of anything happening to my phone is so miniscule it’s acceptable. Statistically speaking (which is what you are doing) I’d probably die in a car accident than my phone catching on fire… I actually got my fire proof box from Samsung today and I tossed it in the trash.

6 months 8 days ago

I will not give up my Note 7
My phone doesn’t get hot or even slightly warm even while charging.
I will exchange it once a better Samsung Phone comes out

6 months 9 days ago

I’d love this choice of versions for the Galaxy S8 :
S8 (display 5″)
S8 Edge (display 5,7″)
S8 Pen (display 5,7″)

6 months 9 days ago

In fact every product can be risky to use and there may be examples of fault. But if a company, which wants to sell its products, willing to make money and wise enough to invastigate if it was a sabotage or something else says “dont use my product” it’s better to listen. Samsung would do everything not to loose that money if that giant company had seen a way out from this.

6 months 9 days ago

any idea what happens after Dec 31st… the Sprint Store assured me that i could always return it for full refund, so i was planning on hanging onto it until the S8 or Note8 (unless Sammy nerfs it… I firmly believe that Chinese phone makers orchestrated the fires for the second wave. especially since Sammy can’t replicate the fires. Chinese phone makers would do anything to cut into Samsung’s market share, and all it really took was 1 fire. I do not think they are above sabotage I just haven’t seen enough of the replacements catching fire to convince me the replacements are actually flawed like the first wave.

6 months 9 days ago

II will not return my Note 7 unless forced to do so.

There was never a better phone and there is no substitute to the Note7 right now.

The saga of Note 7 took place like this: A few real incidents and for the rest, pure sabotage.

6 months 9 days ago

98 phones out of 12.5 million produced. Statistically insignificant. There have been reports of the new iPhone 7 overheating and catching fire… should they stop too? How about with cars… recalls happen all the time, that doesnt stop us from driving. Samsung needs to take it’s time and really investigate the problem. For all we know, these 98 phones were connected to cheap knock off cables. Many reports were from people in their cars or people with charging docks. Maybe that is what caused the issue. I keep my phone on a wireless charging dock at home and at work. The phone never gets so much as warm. In my car, it’s a different story because my charging dock is attached to the windshield so the sun beats down on it. But again, the only time it gets really hot is if I’m using navigation and charging at the same time. Maybe this is what is happening. A combination of situations creating the perfect storm. It does not surprise me to know that there are a few bad apples out there. It’s the same for every manufactured item in the world.

6 months 9 days ago

Its funny that after the recall and discontinuation of the Note 7, there are no more cases of exploding Note 7′s. The statistics showing over a million Note 7s out there, its clearly explainable of how the cases have all ceased to exist. Samsung should not have discontinued the devices but impose a temporary hiatus to conduct a thorough testing of the batteries and resume sales. Clearly, the media was the biggest problem in the Note 7 fiasco.

6 months 9 days ago

RIGHT… and after the phone burns up, there really isn’t a way to prove it was a replacement except for a blue square on a box that is very easy to replicate.

6 months 9 days ago

I know right? When the replacement Note 7′s came out there were 3 cases pretty much back to back but now since Samsung has discontinued, almost 2 weeks without any further incidents…

6 months 9 days ago

I fully agree, we hope in a samsung rethinking in unlocking the production of 7s notes, if in November the million users do not catch fire

6 months 9 days ago

This shows even more that Samsung was wrong to block production, blocking many 7s Notes have exploded? no !, and it has spent more than 2 weeks. While at launch immediately burned notes, even Samsung can not replicate in the laboratory and that says a lot … pity that in Italy don’t take it otherwise l would have not delivered, and there are many here that even with the first series had no problems and the latter have not delivered

6 months 9 days ago

Samsung need to check CPU on the Galaxy Note 7s. Becouse i think this is the problem of exploding units.

6 months 9 days ago

They are using it on their own choice.
After one battery issue the whole world was like mine too mine too.
Not a single news of S7 and S7 edge battery explosion but the soon it was confirmed that note 7 has a battery problem suddenly the whole world started crying my S7 explode my S6 explode. I mean what the fuck. Even so many Note 7 battery explosion news were fake.
Yes if wanna return your device return it but it is true that so many people are still using Note 7 even many of my friends are still using it.

6 months 9 days ago

You keep using your discontinued phone, but don’t come whining and with silly lawsuits when your house burns down or beloved ones got hurt because you were stupid enough to keep your phone.

6 months 9 days ago

Why should I be forced to return a product which I have no problem with? The original model had less than three thousandths of a percent ACTUALLY having an issue. I understand this is still a large number and major production issue, but the second, replacement units only has one legitimate case that is being investigated. My phone has never even gotten hot, I don’t use “optimizers” to ‘cool’ down my phone because I’m smart enough to know they do nothing of the sort but actually cause more cpu usage resulting in more heat. You may call me foolish for holding onto this phone but statistically speaking it is very unlikely my phone will ‘explode’ or have a chemical fire. This all sounds to me like overreacting fear mongering. You vote for politicians you know for 100% fact are corrupt and complain about corruption in government but force a recall of a device which potentially may have a defect, maybe possibly up to 1% if we assume a major defect which at that is still a massive inflation of the evidence.

6 months 9 days ago

You’re one of the very few people who’s spoken with intelligence on this matter. Others including the writer of this unintelligent article are engaging in unfounded fear mongering and mischaracterization of the problem. They keep lying that the phones are exploding yet there’s not been a single case of phone explosion but rather only very few verified cases of phones melting.

If it’s foolish to use this phone, then it’s just as foolish to use an iPhone because there were also several cases of iPhones 6 and at least one case of iPhone 7 catching on fire, yet we don’t have the same retarded media frenzy about that.

6 months 9 days ago

If a 1% chance is reason enough to give up on anything, then we should cease to exist.

There are high percentages of food poisoning, cars hurting us, someone attacking us, etc, but we still eat food, ride on cars, etc.

There could be a conspiracy against Samsung.