Samsung is offering Galaxy Note 7 owners a replacement device at Incheon International Airport

Samsung’s taking a slightly different approach to offering replacement phones to Galaxy Note 7 owners in South Korea. The manufacturer has today revealed that it’s set up a counter at Incheon International Airport where customers can swap their handset for a phone of a different model.

It’s believed that the company has introduced this scheme in response to Canada, Israel, Japan and the United States’ recent decision to ban the device on flights, even if they’re powered down, following several reports of replacement units spontaneously bursting into flames.

Last week, the CPSC issued a second recall of the handset in the States, revealing that a total of 23 reports had emerged since the first recall announcement on September 15. This news came a mere two days after Samsung announced that it would bite the bullet and end production of the Galaxy Note 7.

Strangely, the exact reason for the combustion remains unknown. The firm has, however, kicked off a large-scale investigation into the matter as has the South Korean government. They’re both believed to be reviewing every step of the engineering, manufacturing and quality control processes to uncover the cause of the problem.

In the meantime, carriers all around the world are urging owners of the handset to power it down and return it to its original place of purchase in exchange for either a full refund or a different Samsung smartphone. Those who opt for the latter are also entitled to a partial refund to cover the difference in price.


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They’re also doing that here in the LAX Los Angeles International Airport


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