McDonald’s customers in the UK can play with Samsung tablets while they down a Big Mac

Do you ever feel bored when you’re at a McDonald’s going to town on a Big Mac? Ronald McDonald has just the cure for you, provided you’re visiting one of his outlets in the United Kingdom. McDonald’s UK is installing Samsung Galaxy tablets across most of its outlets in the country so that customers can browse the web, check social media, play games and more while they eat.

The decision to install tablets at its outlets is part of McDonald’s ambition to provide the “Experience of the Future” for its patrons. The Samsung Galaxy tablets will allow customers to kill some time while they’re waiting for their meal to get ready or help kill their boredom as they have their meal. It’s unclear which Samsung Galaxy tablets will be used in this rollout, and whether or not the fast food giant has plans of expanding this rollout to some of the other countries its serves.

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