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Car Mode for Galaxy makes it much easier for you to use your Galaxy handset in the car


Last updated: September 3rd, 2015 at 14:33 UTC+01:00

Smartphones weren’t really a focus in Samsung’s keynote today at the IFA 2015 consumer electronics show in Berlin but the company did make an interesting announcement. It’s called Car Mode for Galaxy and the feature makes it much easy to access core features off the phone that are essential while driving without having to actively interact with the device. This way drivers get the features that they need the most and don’t run the risk of being distracted on the road by having to look at their phone constantly.

Car Mode for Galaxy is actually quite similar to in-dash products from Google and Apple called Android Auto and CarPlay respectively. They come up on the car’s in-dash screen when a compatible device is connected and offer features like messages, navigation and music in an easy to use interface with minimal distraction. That’s more or less how Car Mode for Galaxy works, it provides access to music and navigation with large brightly colored buttons for easy navigation, users can interact with the system through the in-dash screen, steering wheel controls or simply through S Voice.

It’s not as feature-rich as Android Auto and there’s no open app store but at least Car Mode for Galaxy doesn’t require you to buy a new car to get a new expensive radio just to use the software feature. It works with Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones in any car that has an in-dash system with MirrorLink support, it can also run as a standalone app in cars that don’t have MirrorLink. Car Mode for Galaxy will be rolled out as an app for Samsung handsets starting tomorrow.


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