Rumor: Galaxy Note 6 will come to Europe, but no new Edge+ handset

An interesting new leak, from the folks over TechRadar, suggests that Samsung will be fixing one of its biggest mistakes from last year in 2016. The site cites a source within one of UK’s major network operators and says that Samsung will not be launching the next edge+ handset in the UK but will bring the Galaxy Note lineup back in August with the Galaxy Note 6.

That would be the exact opposite of what Samsung did with the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+ for the European region. The source says “backlash from loyal Note fans” is the reason behind the decision, and it’s not surprising – the Note 5 is the best Galaxy Note in the series’ history (well, since the Note II maybe), especially after the disappointing Galaxy Note 4, and it was downright evil that the Korean giant didn’t bring the handset to so many countries. Many rumors suggested the Note 5 would make an appearance in the continent, but that didn’t exactly turn out to be true (as we had hinted at).


Sales of the S6 edge+ were reportedly not that great, but we guess that is why Samsung decided to make it its sole late 2015 flagship in Europe: push the new form factor and the Edge lineup by making it the only option for a large number of consumers, and simply make excuses about “consumer preference” for the move. The source of this information didn’t say if this means the edge+ lineup will be going away completely, but we wouldn’t put it past the company to do so.

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Why? Well, first off, the 5.5-inch Galaxy S7 in the first half of 2016 would leave little sense in making a Galaxy S7 edge+ with a screen that’s 0.2-inches larger, unless Samsung decides to go with a 6-inch or larger display instead. It would also give them a chance to bring the Note lineup back with a bang and make it the main phablet flagship offering once again. As current rumors stand though, the Galaxy S7 edge+ has only been postponed and not cancelled, so there’s no telling what Samsung will do a year after the S6 edge+ and Note 5’s launch.

Of course, there’s also the fact that we are many months away from a Galaxy Note 6 (there’s even a chance a new Galaxy Note will never arrive), so anything could happen between now and then. The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are hogging all the limelight these days, and both are shaping up to be great smartphones that won’t let us spend any time caring about the next Note.


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