Samsung Galaxy S7 with Snapdragon 820 allegedly tops 5423 points on Geekbench

We confirmed multiple times in the recent months that Samsung will release at least two variants of the Galaxy S7. One variant will feature the company’s own Exynos 8890 chipset, while the other variant will come equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 SoC. The benchmark scores of the Exynos variant were leaked multiple times recently. Now, the benchmark scores of the Galaxy S7 with Snapdragon 820 have surfaced on the Internet, which shows that both variants have similar performance.

A post found on Weibo by a Chinese tipster supports that fact that a variant of the Galaxy S7 will indeed come with the Snapdragon 820, and that its performance was tested using Geekbench’s benchmarking suite. According to the post, the device scored 2,456 points in the single-core performance test, while the multi-core test score was 5,423 points, which points towards impressive performance. The Snapdragon 820 uses four Kryo CPU cores with two cores clocked at 2.2GHz and the remaining cores clocked at 1.6-1.7GHz.

Geekbench (Single-Core) Geekbench (Multi-Core)
Samsung Galaxy S7 (Snapdragon 820) 2,456 5,423
Samsung Galaxy S7 (Exynos 8890) 2,294 6,908
Apple iPhone 6s Plus (Apple A9) 2,495 4,351
Apple iPad Pro (Apple A9X) 3,222 5,468


Instead of using ARM’s stock CPU designs, Samsung and Qualcomm have used their own custom CPU cores in these chipsets. Samsung recently announced the Exynos 8890 with M1 cores and Mali-T880MP12 GPU. If this information is legit, buyers of the Galaxy S7 in the US, China, and some other markets, where Samsung will release the Snapdragon 820 variant, need not worry about the phone’s performance. The Galaxy S7 will reportedly use a specialised variant of the Snapdragon 820 with thermal heat pipes.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Snapdragon 820 Variant Geekbench Benchmark Score


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1 year 4 months ago

Which version of the phone will be released in Iran

1 year 4 months ago

I think, both the processors will be super fast .. it’s the GPU power, that I’m interested in & want to know more about .. then the tech add-ons that will be handy in real life experience; like the Qualcomm’s fingerprint tech, camera performance improvements, etc.

Also, how do they go on battery in similar circumstances ..

Let’s hope for best !!

1 year 4 months ago

never mind the 820 score, that multicore score of the 8890 is astounding, completely demolishing even the ipad pro. That can’t be right, or?

1 year 4 months ago

But look how Apple’s A9X has beaten the 820 a processor that hasnt even come out yet

1 year 4 months ago

except the A9X is an oversized and overpowered processor that would drain a smartphone in a matter of minutes which is why it will never appear in an iphone or even an ipad mini.

1 year 4 months ago

…or, overclocked and irrelevant to anything you’ll see in a commercially available Galaxy S7 form factor.

1 year 4 months ago

Then it should not be on the list for comparison