Samsung rumored to launch three Galaxy S7 variants, each with a different processor

We had reported yesterday that Samsung is currently optimising its brand new Exynos 8890 SoC with Mongoose CPU cores for better performance, and that it might be used in the Galaxy S7 next year. Now, we are back with yet another important piece of information regarding the Galaxy S7 and the chipsets that might be used in different variants of the device.

According to the information that we’ve received today, Samsung might launch three different processor variants of the Galaxy S7. Remember the Exynos 7422 chipset that was supposed to debut with the Galaxy Note 5? Well, Samsung supposedly has plans to launch a variant of the Galaxy S7 with that chipset in India. The Exynos 8890 (a.k.a Exynos M1)-powered variant of the device is expected to be launched in Korea, Japan, and the European markets. On the other hand, the Galaxy S7 variant that will be available to consumers in China and the US will feature a Snapdragon 820 SoC.

If this information turns out to be correct, it would be the first time that Samsung would launch a flagship smartphone with three different processor variants. However, even if the company manages to launch the device earlier than usual, the Galaxy S7 is still months away from being finalised. A lot of things could be changed till then, and a lot of decisions could be altered within the company, so we advise you to take this report with a pinch of salt

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