Galaxy S7 release date may come in early February, source says

The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge were announced on March 1st but released shortly before mid-April, but a new rumor says that the Galaxy S7 could be released as early as February (early), following a January announcement.

A specific reason for such an early announcement and release date haven’t been given, but Samsung could presumably follow this early launch (as it did with the Galaxy Note5’s August announcement instead of the usual September one at IFA) to get out ahead of its competition with a new smartphone that’ll allow consumers to purchase right away instead of killing the hype with a long waiting period. Immediate access goes a long way toward boosting sales.

The Galaxy S7 is being developed under the codename Project Lucky, and is said to feature Qualcomm’s new quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor, with two models: one featuring the Qualcomm quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor, the other the octa-core Exynos. The Galaxy S7 could also have two different screen sizes and a dual-camera setup. One Galaxy S7 prototype featured 4GB of RAM while another featured 3GB of RAM, suggesting that Samsung will bring out at least two models, similar to the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Of course, we don’t know whether Samsung will stick with all four models of the Galaxy S line or condense them into two flagships next year. The Galaxy S6 edge is considered to be 2015’s Samsung Galaxy S flagship, with many seeing the plain Galaxy S6 as more of a nod to traditional buyers than anything else.

Whether or not this rumor is true for now, it shows that Samsung plans to make the best of the time it’s given. 2016 looks to be as fine a year as ever, and, as Samsung knows all too well, time waits for no one.



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Yep, and rumour has it, S8 will come in April, and in June S9, and if we are lucky, right just before thr Apple release the S10 and for Christmas the S11 (sarcasm alert!).
Just throw them at the users, maybe one of them will also stick … and will be the Next Big Thing until the Next Bigger … Thing comes out a few months later. They are rushing it waaaay to much and loosing totally the focus from their customers who just bought their devices.



They are rushing this out. Note 5/s6 Edge+ also feels very rushed with poor RAM management, no 128 GB option, laggy software and a small worldwide release(Note 5). If S7 still have these issues, I may have to shift brands. I have had it with samsung…My Galaxy 6(standard version) is already lagging and reloading apps like crazy. Battery life is also horrid.


**RAM management: can like or not, but the RAM management is a Samsung choice.
**Laggy software? Do you have a Note5? Mine doesn’t lag at all after more than 1 month!


It’s a good move, it gives Apple less time with there new phone before the s7 comes out