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Samsung launches a remote control app for the Galaxy View

The Galaxy View is the largest tablet that Samsung has ever made, we exclusively reported earlier this year that an 18.4-inch monster was in the pipeline, Samsung officially launched it a couple of weeks ago and actually calls it a “movable display” because that’s really what it is. The Galaxy View is available for purchase from Samsung and retailers, AT&T is the only carrier in the United States selling it right now, and since it came out the movable display has received a custom CNN news app and a family photo bulletin board app. The latest app doesn’t run on the Galaxy View rather it helps you remotely control the device via an Android smartphone.

Called Galaxy View Remote it’s basically a Bluetooth-powered remote control app for devices powered by Android 4.4 and up, the device doesn’t necessarily need to be a Samsung smartphone, however the app can exclusively be used with the Galaxy View only. You can’t control any other device, Samsung or not, with this app. Galaxy View Remote allows you to control input on the Galaxy View via the smartphone, it features directional controls, a central “OK” button, power and volume buttons. There’s even a virtual touchpad area which controls a cursor on the 18.4-inch display. At the bottom Android’s usual recents, home and back buttons are also present. Galaxy View Remote is available as a free download from the Google Play Store.



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