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Samsung Galaxy View is available for purchase in the US

Consumers in the US looking for a device that is not a tablet and not a TV either can purchase the Galaxy View in the country. The “movable display” (yeah, we will be using quotes for Samsung’s new product category for the forseeable future) can be bought from various stores, including Best Buy, Amazon and B&H, and directly from Samsung’s website as well. Best Buy and Amazon have the device in stock at the moment, and Best Buy will also give you one if you walk into its brick and mortar stores.

As for the price, the Galaxy View will cost you $599 for the Wi-Fi model. You can’t buy the cellular model yet, but if you really want an 18.4-inch tablet with access to mobile networks, there’s no telling how long you will have to wait. Check out the source link if you wish to order the Galaxy View, and also check out our hands-on experience with the humongous tablet before you hit that buy button.

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