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Samsung releases Family Square gallery app for Galaxy View

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy View just a short time ago, and we already have an app for it called the Family Square, which is more of a gallery app. It’s currently available on the Google Play Store and it allows you to post photos on a virtual wall. The charm of Family Square is the Galaxy View‘s enormous 18.4-inch display. It’s almost exactly like a wall, and the app works by connecting different devices around the house on a local network, offering them permission to post to the wall.

Right now it’s unknown which Samsung devices are compatible with the Family Square app, but it looks like it’s a work in progress. We might see the app getting compatible with more phones in the future. It also looks like Samsung is trying to push more apps onto the Galaxy View, for instance a custom CNN News app that was released for the device, and it is quite awesome. Check out the Family Square app below and tell us if your device is compatible with it.

Get it on Google Play


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