Microsoft updates Outlook with support for the Galaxy Watch

If you’re someone who uses their smartwatch to decide if an email is worth pulling out your smartphone for, you’re going to love what Microsoft has done with Outlook today. The company today announced several improvements for Outlook for Android one of which is support for the Galaxy Watch.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch, this includes the Watch Active series as well, can now work with the Outlook app to show notifications for emails that you receive in Outlook on your phone. You will be able to tend to them quickly through the smartwatch.

Outlook for Android adds support for the Galaxy Watch

The official changelog for this latest Outlook for Android version mentions that support for the Galaxy Watch is now included. What that means is that you’ll be able to see your messages and act on them from the smartwatch itself.

It will work much like the native email implementation does on Samsung smartwatches. You will receive push notifications about emails and will also be able to shoot quick replies. There are a bunch of canned responses to choose from or, if you can bear it, it’s also possible to type out a response using the on-screen keyboard.

Microsoft has rolled out the latest version of Outlook for Android so you can get this functionality on your Samsung smartwatch now.

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