Dual SIM Galaxy Note 5 to have a microSD slot?

Those wishing the Galaxy Note 5 would bring back the microSD slot to Samsung flagships will be interested in a report from Taiwanese site, which says that the dual SIM version of the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 will feature a microSD slot. The slot will be a hybrid slot like the one seen on Samsung’s Galaxy A series that will allow users to either use a second SIM card or opt to expand their storage instead.

We’ve written a lot about how a microSD slot isn’t going to be seen on Samsung devices as long as the company is using the new UFS 2.0 internal storage standard, and this report should be taken with a pinch of salt. Not because Samsung can’t make UFS 2.0 and microSD work together, but because we don’t think the Korean manufacturer will limit such a feature to very few markets after so much has been made about its absence from the new Galaxy S flagships.

However, dual SIM flagships have been catching on recently – the LG G4 comes with dual SIM slots in many markets, and so do many of the low-cost flagship smartphones from Chinese manufacturers (including the OnePlus 2.) There’s less than a week left for Samsung’s official unveil of the Galaxy Note 5, so it won’t be long before we find out if the company is returning to its roots with an expandable storage option for its next hero device.

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