Samsung files for trademark on Galaxy E3, Galaxy J3, J5 and J7

Samsung’s been highly focused on its new smartphone lineups, having launched the Galaxy A, Galaxy E and the Galaxy J series of devices in recent weeks. The Galaxy E and Galaxy A have come in pairs of two’s and three’s, but when it comes to the Galaxy J, we’ve only seen one device in the wild until now, the Galaxy J1. However, we were always expecting to see more Galaxy J phones in the future, and Samsung’s trademark applications are suggesting that we will see the Galaxy J3, Galaxy J5, and Galaxy J7 make it to market in the coming months, along with a Galaxy E3.

While the Galaxy E3 is a device that doesn’t seem out of place, the trademarks suggest the Galaxy J lineup will have four devices instead of just three; all of these will no doubt be rather low-end devices if the Galaxy J1 is anything to go by. It remains to be seen if the four Galaxy J smartphones will be announced together or separately – a Russian retailer listed the Galaxy J1 with a January 23rd shipping date, but that was apparently incorrect as we have seen no official announcement so far.

Of course, just because Samsung has attempted to trademark these names doesn’t mean we will actually see these devices in the real world. It will most likely happen though, and we will only hope Samsung prices these phones better than it has priced the devices in the Galaxy A and E series so far.


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