Exclusive: Samsung’s round smartwatch will feature wireless charging

Smartwatches may make life easier for those that want a quick way of checking notifications and carrying out a few functions without whipping out their smartphones from their pockets, but when it comes to charging, most smartwatches come with charging cradles that make juicing them up something of a hassle. All of Samsung’s smartwatches have been guilty of this non-intuitive way of charging, but it seems the company’s upcoming round smartwatch – codenamed Orbis – will finally make things easier by supporting wireless charging, if our sources are to be believed.

Unlike what we see on Samsung’s phones, the Orbis should feature wireless charging out of the box, as you can’t really strap on a separate cover on something as small as a smartwatch to add wireless charing. It remains to be seen how well designed the charging mechanism will be – if you look at Motorola’s Moto 360, the Lenovo-owned company has done a pretty good job of making sure it’s not too much of a hassle, thanks to a specially designed charging pad. Given how much of a nuisance the charging cradles on all the Gear smartwatches can be, we surely hope the Orbis will make charging a breeze, or at least make it less of a troublesome procedure than what users have to go through with the current crop of Samsung smartwatches available on the market.

As a refresher, the Orbis is expected to be unveiled at MWC, and will be the first round smartwatch from Samsung. It will feature a unique design that makes use of a rotating bezel ring and a digital crown, which you can read all about in our recent exclusive.

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