Exclusive: A round-dial Samsung smartwatch is in the works, MWC release likely

How many of you’ve found yourselves ranting about how Samsung doesn’t have a real (read: round faced) smartwatch on the market? Turns out, the company’s working on addressing that. Right from the first Galaxy Gear smartwatch to the full-blown Gear S (which is a phone in itself), we’ve seen a design language which although looks very futuristic, does little to satisfy the design critic in you. Also, a heavy dependence on Android has been seen; Samsung is out there now, to change that and a lot more, it appears.

LG launched its own round-dial version of the G Watch, aka the G Watch R (emphasis on R). The upcoming Samsung smartwatch we talk about gets some R-love too, which is perhaps why it’ll be called ‘SM-R720’, with a codename ‘Orbis’ for reference. In the past, we’ve broken news about a ring operated design that Samsung was working on, which is probably also what will feature on the Orbis. So, this new round Gear smartwatch is going to be quite a departure from the usual Galaxy gear fanfare, thanks to the (obvious) round design, and the OS: it’ll come with Tizen out of the box.

If you’ve been following the tech scene lately, you’ll have realized that although its complete frenzy at the ongoing CES, Samsung is pretty much keeping it low profile. This is perhaps because Samsung has plans to reveal this round dial ‘Orbis’ smartwatch at the MWC, which is due a little over a month and a half from now.

Who’s looking forward to this one?

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