Samsung patents a ring-operated smartwatch design

Smartwatches might be extremely small compared to smartphones, but the method of input is the same on both: touchscreens. With the Apple Watch, Apple added a secondary way of operating a smartwatch by taking the crown found on mechanical watches and turning it into a digital crown that can be used for functions like zooming in and out. Well, it looks Samsung is looking at doing something similar with another traditional feature found in watches – a new design patent awarded to the company shows a round smartwatch operated by a ring around the display.

For those unaware, such rings are usually found on sports watches and used as a means of showing the time in different regions. Samsung’s patent dates back to 2013, suggesting the company has been working on the idea of a rotating ring on a smartwatch for quite some time. It’s possible the company’s upcoming round smartwatch – which we reported on exclusively earlier this year – will use such a ring, though it cannot be said for certain if it will be seen on a commercial product anytime soon.




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2 years 4 months ago

Like that is not obvious, better quality watches have had that ring for decades. Lets not turn into another Apple

PoEd De-Man
2 years 4 months ago

While it is obvious on traditional watches the touch screen and extra buttons on most smartwatches negates the need of this. Having a rotating bezel that provides on screen functionality enhances the functionality significantly enough. The LG R would benefit from such a function.

2 years 4 months ago

Way to go Sammy. Show them how it is done