[Video] Galaxy Gear meets its demise at the hands of an HK 417 rifle

There’s a certain section of society that takes pleasure in dropping mobile devices on to the floor in drop tests that are painful to see, and then there’s Richard Ryan, who goes several steps further and blasts devices to smithereens with one of the many weapons in his arsenal, all in slow motion video that lets you cherish every moment of the wanton destruction. In the latest bout of, um, bullet tests, Ryan decided to put the Galaxy Gear to the test and see how it fares against an HK 417 battle rifle.

As you’d expect, the smartwatch doesn’t live to tell the tale – dropping the Gear in water, on dirt, and on concrete doesn’t do anything to harm it, but the 7.62mm round fired from the rifle goes straight through. In fact, it’s impressive the Gear didn’t blow up into pieces after being shot, but then again, we wouldn’t have taken extra points off for that even if it did.

Well, time to stop reading, and time to feast your eyes on a spectacle that shows what happens when a puny object meets an unstoppable force, in slow-mo glory.

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