Galaxy Gear just became more awesome: now shows full notifications for every app

A few days ago, we told you about the ATN Manager app developed by an XDA developer, which enabled viewing the full content of a particular notification on the Galaxy Gear for almost any app. Well, you won’t be needing ATN Manager anymore, as an update to the Gear Manager app has brought official support for viewing just about every notification on the smartwatch in full detail.

The Gear Manager update will work in tandem with a software update that is rolling out for the Gear today (build V700XXUAMK7, you’ll need to wait for this update before you can use the new notification functionality), and will now let you select which app sends a notification to the watch. From standard texts and emails to notifications for your note-taking app or Twitter app, you can now enable or disable each individually from showing up on the watch (with the option to press a button to view the particular notification on your phone), and view a list of all notifications from a dedicated notification center.


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The Galaxy Gear has been criticized for not offering too many features or functions, but it’s clear Samsung is working hard and fast to make it better, and the latest update is an awesome one that every Gear use will welcome with open arms. The Gear Manager update should be available for you on the Samsung Apps store, so go ahead, update and take your Galaxy Gear one step closer to being that smartwatch we had hoped it would be from the start.


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