Some Gear S2 owners are experiencing issues with email notifications after installing the latest Gear Manager update

Samsung recently started rolling out a rather hefty update for its Gear Manager application. However, it doesn’t look like things are going as smoothly as the company would have hoped. Several Gear S2 owners have taken to the Android Central forums to complain that they’re unable to view incoming emails on their smartwatch after installing the upgrade on their companion smartphone.

Prior to installing the update, users received a notification on their watch displaying the date, time, subject and the first couple of sentences when a new email surfaced in their inbox. However, the wearable is now reportedly displaying an alert saying that it “can’t show the email for security reasons” and that users should  attempt to “view it on [their] phone” instead.

It’s currently unclear whether the glitch is affecting all email accounts. Although, one user has reported that notifications are being delivered in the standard format for his Gmail and Outlook accounts, but are not for Exchange. After having a discussion with his IT guys, he was able to confirm that “nothing has changed over the last few days on their end,” which means that it must be a problem that Samsung introduced with the update.

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