Samsung to ship Galaxy Note III from September, Galaxy Gear smartwatch from October

Both the Galaxy Note III and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch are all but confirmed to be ready for an official unveiling on September 4th, and today we’ve received the shipping dates for both devices in our mailbox – the third-generation Note will start shipping in the same month it is announced, while the smartwatch will arrive in the market from October.

Our source mentions week 36 as the likely time when the Note III will begin shipping, while the smartwatch will be shipped around week 40, though a delay of a week or two may happen, depending on region. It is also confirmed that Samsung is dropping the 16GB storage variant, which is great news looking at how the 16GB variant of the S4 leaves little usable space for the end-user (and also because lower than 32GB of built-in storage on flagship devices just doesn’t cut it any more).

Samsung has repeatedly shown their resolve to bring flagship devices to market soon after announcement, so expect to see both devices available for purchase in stores and online retailers in September and October. We’ll be working hard to bring you more exclusive info on the Note III and Galaxy Gear, so stay tuned.


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Hope this piece of news is true that “Samsung is dropping the 16GB storage variant”, making default 32GB internal storage for all regions! Please by default launch only two models the 3G SM-900 and 4G SM-9005 (hoping is LTE-A by default due to Snapdragon 800 CPU) for Singapore market. Samsung please don’t launch so many variants of the Note series like what you did on the S4 that is totally make the S series not premium anymore, confusing and so upset when realize: “Yes, i bought an S4 I9505 today and WAIT….WHAT THE HECK, there is a newer and more… Read more »


Nice. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Note III.


This will be definitely wonderful for me. September 4th couldn’t come fast enough