Galaxy Note III being tested with three different screen sizes

Initially, rumors put the screen size of the upcoming Galaxy Note III at 5.9-inches, but that size came down to a more sensible 5.7-inches in later rumors. Then there was talk of Samsung testing a 6-inch Note III as well, and if listings on Indian logistics site Zaumba are to be believed, then the company might not have decided on a final screen size for their next phablet.

According to the listings, Samsung shipped 5.5, 5.7 and 5.99-inch variants of the Note III to India for R&D purposes (it seems a lot of R&D takes place in India, as Samsung also sent their smartwatch samples to the country) in the last couple of months. Now, this could pan out in several ways – we could see each screen size make an appearance in the market, possibly with a flexible OLED, standard OLED, and an LCD display for different price points as has been rumored, or we’ll see only one final screen size that Samsung decides was the best among the three.


Recent reports that Samsung is yet to decide whether to use a flexible display or fingerprint technology on the device hint that even though we’re a month away from the expected announcement, Samsung still hasn’t finalized the design and hardware. Everything is completely unconfirmed at this point in time, so the wait to get some concrete details on the anticipated device continues for now.

The Galaxy Note III is expected to sport an Exynos 5 Octa/Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB of RAM, 13-megapixel camera possibly with optical image stabilization, LTE-A (LTE-Advanced) connectivity, and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. As usual, an S Pen should accompany the phablet to continue the Note tradition of stylus input.

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