Samsung still uncertain of using flexible display on Galaxy Note III [Rumor]

There have been rumors of Samsung working on a variant of the upcoming Galaxy Note III with a flexible OLED display, but if a report from Asia Economic is to be believed, Samsung is still deciding on whether to use a flexible display or not.

Apparently, Samsung is currently waiting to see if it can produce enough units of this flexible display, and will wait until the end of August to make a final decision. That does sound odd though, as the Note III is expected to be unveiled in early September, and unless the actual launch date is in late October or early November, it would give them very little time to actually put the display on the device.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that we won’t see a flexible OLED variant, as Samsung has earlier hinted that they were having troubling manufacturing flexible OLED panels and wouldn’t be using them on phones any time soon, so unless some concrete info on this comes out in the coming weeks, take all these rumors with the proverbial pinch of salt.



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There’s also a very good chance the initial Note 3 will be a regular, and there’ll be a later version with a flexible display. Would make sense.

I for one would go for the regular OLED one. There’s no other flexible screen devices yet, so it’s all untested in the field.


I am so impatient to buy my next Samsung device I want it to be perfect.


Note III much expected high-end device or just another new test device with FOLED. Wait or skip? 🙂