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    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to cost 939 CHF in Switzerland


    Last updated: March 4th, 2024 at 09:26 UTC+01:00

    Between all the hoopla surrounding the Galaxy Note 3, the price of the device is one aspect that no one is willing to mention. However, Samsung Switzerland seem to have given away the pricing, in a press release that went out last night – the Note 3 will cost 939 CHF in Switzerland for the 32GB variant, which amounts to around 760 euros, an insane amount any way you look at it.

    However, considering the price hasn't been discussed by Samsung anywhere else, it's possible Samsung Switzerland has just attached a preliminary estimate to go along with the press release. But then again, when you look at the hardware and software features of the Note 3, the final price may still be quite steep. We'll just have to wait and watch, and keep our fingers crossed.

    Here's the press release:

    Berlin / Zurich, 4 September 2013 –  Premiere of the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 at the IFA 2013. Accrues daily tasks much easier to go with the new Samsung GALAXY Note 3rd Innovative features help to retain one's life always and everywhere. The Samsung GALAXY Note 3 provides a larger, improved screen for the perfect view and more room for multitasking.Also major improvements of the S Pen are clearly noticeable in everyday life.

    GALAXY Note 3 for a wonderful day

    , “In 2011, we launched the first GALAXY Note to the market and thus constitutes an entirely new product category. The undeniable success of the GALAXY Note strengthens our belief that consumers crave for high-quality features for smart devices that make their lives more comfortable, “says JK Shin, CEO and President of IT & Mobile Division Samsung Electronics. “The Samsung GALAXY Note 3 is a strong approach with the user, the stories of their lives from work and leisure can bring a dynamic and direct form of expression. With only one S-Pen button the user to open new display options, start feature, transform the average daily activities to create exceptional events and access to new experiences that are presented on an even larger touch screen 3. ”

    The Samsung GALAXY Note 3 comes with an even larger (5.7 inch) Full HD Super AMOLED display, yet provides a sleeker (8.3mm), lighter (168g) hardware design as well as a stronger battery with more endurance (3.200mAh) . The 13 megapixel camera on the back with Smart Stabilization and High CRI LED flash ensures that all users of their life stories can capture razor sharp – even in low light or moving subjects. Samsung GALAXY Note 3 works with the latest LTE technology; CAT4 Carrier aggregation supports a large number of different frequencies. Thanks to 3GB of RAM currently the largest on the market, the GALAXY Note 3 provides fastest and strongest performances.

    Powerful and artistic design

    In addition to the improvements in technology, the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 provides also a new “premium look and feel.” As a sequel to the modern Samsung GALAXY design a cover was designed with delicate transitions that feels particularly good thanks to a fine surface structure and special. Serrated on the sides it is reminiscent of classic notebooks and diary. The new GALAXY Note 3 in the colors  Jet Black, Snow White  and  Blush Pink  available. In addition, Samsung will bring interchangeable covers in different colors on the market, so that the GALAXY Note 3 can be customized.

    S Pen makes life easier, faster and more exciting

    With the new S Pen classical detention of notes is invented from scratch. Everyday tasks can be completed with just one click. The improved S Pen is the perfect interface between the phone and users with important control features.

    Is held during the S Pen on the screen at the same time – – With a simple push of a button opens  Air Command  and thus a selection of five practical features. It does not have to switch between different windows, noticed or information are sought in different folders.

    Air Command includes the following core functions:

    With  Action Memo  handwritten notes can be captured and automatically linked to a command or convert handwritten in a form accommodated, digital text. Action memo can cause a call, add a contact, make an address on a map locate, start Internet search, enter a task in the To Do List and much more.

    Scrapbook  organizes or takes content and information from various sources, including Internet, YouTube and Gallery and arranges them in one place. So you always keep track of the collected content. Be content for future secure, the source Scrapbook important information and URLs noted to fall back to the original information.

    White Screen  takes a screenshot of the current page and allows the addition of additional comments and notes.

    With  S Finder  the device can be thoroughly searched – no matter what you are looking for. By entering keywords or filters such as date, location or content type, users can search for similar documents, events, news, profiles, and even the “Help” page search – all in one place. In addition, handwritten notes as symbols and formulas can be searched in the respective notes and memo applications as well.

    With  Window Pen  S Pen can be used not only for sketches or handwritten notes, it can be opened for the ultimate multitasking app also has a small window. By breaking a window in any size, is drawn at any place of the screen, can be another window for example, YouTube, calculator, or open a web page, while the other, current application remains open.

    The new  S Note  will also present a complete solution for easy writing, organizing, editing and scanning of notes with a pleasant interface and easy chart features. It can be synchronized with Evernote or a Samsung account. This is also possible on other devices access to their own notes. With the improved  EasyClip  user can select images from the Internet or from the GALAXY Note 3, cut and secure, so that in the end only the desired image section remains.

    Bigger touch screen 3 – see more, do more

    The Samsung GALAXY Note 3 provides more screen area. The optimized size comes hand in hand with better improvements. The 5.7-inch full-HD Super AMOLED screen delivers the best image quality of Full HD video, legible text and an inspiring canvas for the design of new content.

    My magazine  summarizes personalized content from the areas of news, social media, entertainment and news together. In cooperation with Flipboard content is presented in a modern, dynamic magazine layout.

    The GALAXY Note 3 brings improved opportunities for multitasking, so users can fully take advantage of the larger screen area.

    With the new  multi-window  user can easily switch between applications without having to close or open a new window or websites need. This creates more productivity and better networking across all programs. An application can even be shown in two windows. An example: users can read messages in one window while running Internet research in another, they can send a note to a friend on chaton, while they read the news of another friend.

    In  drag and drop mode content can be shared with the Multi-be Window feature easily cut and pasted into a text or image from another window.
    With  Pen Window  from the  Air Command  feature multitasking is even easier: Users can simply start another window and it desired applications while running other tasks in parallel be done.

    Video sharing  is now available as a supplement to  Group Play  available. Group play was originally presented together with the Samsung GALAXY S 4. With this feature, multiple users can share the same listen to music, play games and share documents with each other. In addition, videos can then be shared and viewed in parallel. Up to five devices at the same time can even join together to watch videos in large format.

    GALAXY Gear, the smart companion of the GALAXY Note 3

    Together with the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 has also presented the GALAXY Gear. The new, smart device communicates via calls, texts, emails or alerts received on the GALAXY Note 3, and provides a quick preview an overview. Furthermore, the GALAXY Gear is equipped with an array of useful features. If an incoming message, for example, require more attention, can easily be changed for the Samsung GALAXY Note 3rd Thanks to  smart relay  feature the full content is displayed immediately on the screen.

    The Samsung GALAXY Note 3 – equipped with 32GB or 64GB of internal storage and a microSD slot – from the end of September 2013 from CHF 939.00 (MSRP, 32GB) available in Switzerland.

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