Samsung’s CES 2021 live stream sets viewership record

Samsung’s CES 2021 live-stream-slash-virtual-event set a new viewership record for the company, having amassed over 30 million views on YouTube within the first 24 hours. That’s a massive improvement over last year’s showing whose opening keynote and subsequent announcements generated some eight million views in total  – to date. In contrast, the “Better Normal for All” live stream that opened Samsung’s CES 2021 appearance nearly quadrupled that figure all on its own.

As of this writing, the 30-minute broadcast has been viewed over 33.5 million times, and that number is poised to continue spiking as we approach today’s Exynos 2100 event.

Can any other CES 2021 exhibitor hope to escape Samsung’s shadow?

The latest edition of the Consumer Electronics Show is its first online-only iteration – for obvious reasons. The lack of an offline component of the event might be why Samsung doubled down on promoting its day-one virtual event.

As things stand right now, every other CES 2021 exhibitor will have an extremely difficult time with seizing significant spotlight from Samsung. The company’s Monday announcements spanned everything from the much-anticipated MicroLED TV models, new QLED television sets, and digital fitness solutions to updated robot vacuum cleaners, AI-infused refrigerators, and an unprecedented global device recycling program. Not to mention a commitment to even more eco-friendly product packaging practices and some quite futuristic vehicle cockpits.

The tech giant’s CES 2021 showing is scheduled to continue in just a few hours with the announcement of the Exynos 2100. The said silicon is likely to become Samsung’s most significant chipset generation in at least half a decade, so make sure to tune in for today’s stream or at least check back for our recap of the event.

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