Samsung’s next-gen Digital Cockpit for smart cars has giant screens everywhere


Last updated: January 8th, 2021 at 10:38 UTC+02:00

Samsung has showcased its next-generation Digital Cockpit for connected cars. Powered by Harman’s automotive technology, Digital Cockpit 2021 comes with multiple screens inside and outside the car. It also features 5G connectivity, enhanced safety, and a comfortable user experience.

The company wants connected cars not to be limited to just transportation but to become comfortable daily living spaces for everyone. The giant dashboard display inside the car is powered by a QLED panel, while an OLED panel powers the center console. There is also a display outside the car (on the front grille) that shows alerts to pedestrians, and it is powered by a MicroLED panel.

Digital Cockpit 2021’s dedicated media and gaming modes make entertainment immersive

A dedicated media mode reveals the full screen on the dashboard and ingresses the steering wheel. In the Gaming Mode, two stereo speakers are retracted from the seat’s headrest to offer an immersive audio experience. There is even a Creator Studio that offers a quick way to edit photos and videos while on the go. An additional large-sized screen on the rear seat can switch between landscape and portrait modes. Passengers can connect to that screen via their Galaxy smartphones or tablets using Wireless DeX to turn it into a mobile workstation.

360-degree cameras, deep learning help in passenger and pedestrian safety

Samsung’s Digital Cockpit 2021 uses four 360-degree cameras outside the car to recognize nearby vehicles and pedestrians. It uses a deep learning algorithm to show additional statistics and alerts while driving the car. The next-gen Digital Cockpit also features Samsung Health, which syncs with the Galaxy Watch to show a driver’s energy, emotional, and stress levels via heartbeat information. When the driver seems fatigued, the connected car advises the driver to take a break and have some rest.

Samsung Digital Cockpit 2021 Samsung Health Sync Driver Fatigue

When pedestrians are detected in front of the car, it notifies them via audio and visual alerts using speakers and the outside screen. Even the rear-view mirror’s functionality is carried out by a floating screen on the top of the windshield. That screen also displays various driving and weather-related information as well as notifications from the phone. Other information, such as local news and sports scores, can also be viewed.

Digital Cockpit 2021 is powered by Samsung’s brand-new Exynos Auto V9 processor with 5G connectivity

The hardware that runs the Digital Cockpit 2021 system can run Android and Linux OS simultaneously. And all of this is powered by Samsung’s Exynos Auto V9 processor, which features a built-in 5G (sub-6GHz and mmWave) modem, GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity. It uses Qualcomm’s 5G modem and beamforming antennas for faster internet speeds even when the vehicle is on the move at high speeds.

The company didn’t reveal when we could see actual cars that are powered by the Digital Cockpit 2021. Samsung wants automotive technologies to become a future growth engine for the company.

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