Samsung just made a product teaser out of Exynos 990 hate

While 2020 might have been a year to forget for Samsung’s chipmaking division, the company wants to let everyone know that it has learned its lesson. How else would you explain the fact that its latest product teaser has been made entirely out of Exynos 990 hate?

Namely, the video that you can view below does not sugar-coat how disappointing last year’s flagship Exynos chip ended up being.

Is Exynos truly back?

Samsung shared this remarkably self-aware promo in the run-up to today’s Exynos 2100 launch event. Now, whether its next high-end system-on-a-chip actually gives Qualcomm a run for its money this year remains to be seen. But given how bold Samsung’s recent communications have been, it would appear the Exynos 2100 has a legitimate shot at making history.

And need we even remind how Samsung SLI felt humiliated by the whole Exynos 990 fiasco last year? To the point that it had to take a step back in order to truly rethink how to salvage that debacle. So, if nothing else, there’s no doubt the South Korean tech giant is highly motivated to set the record straight with its next premium SoC.

The Exynos 2100 launch event will begin in a couple of hours, at 9 AM EST / 3 PM CET. And the star of the show will indirectly reveal quite a bit about Samsung’s 2021 flagships, including not just the imminent Galaxy S21 series, but also the likes of the Galaxy Note 21 and Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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