Samsung intros Neo QLED smart TVs and solar-powered remote controls

Samsung Electronics is ready to introduce a new generation of smart TVs for 2021. The new series is known as Neo QLED and two brand-new Neo QLED smart TV models labeled QN900A and QN90A have already been announced ahead of CES 2021. They combine a new light source – Quantum Mini LED – with a new Neo Quantum picture processor that was optimized specifically for Neo QLED.

The QN900A is an 8K smart TV boasting an Infinity One design with almost no bezels. The QN90A is a 4K model, and both take advantage of features such as Samsung Health, Super Ultrawide GameView, and Google Duo.

Quantum Mini LED technology features incredibly thin micro layers filled with LEDs that are one-fortieth the height of conventional LEDs. The technology allows for ultra-fine control of the LEDs and prevents blooming.

Samsung claims that Neo QLED increases the luminance scale to 12-bit with 4096 steps, resulting in dark areas being darker and bright areas obviously being brighter. In essence, Neo QLED TVs should offer a superior and more immersive HDR experience.

More accessibility features and a refreshed The Frame

In addition, the 2021 Neo QLED smart TV range introduces new accessibility features such as Caption Moving, Sign Language Zoom, and Multi-Output Audio. The company claims it’s committed to improving Voice Guide even further and continue developing new accessibility features powered by AI.

Samsung is also refreshing its lifestyle TV The Frame with a new, slimmer design. The 2021 model is half thinner compared to the previous model and it has new attachable bezel options in two different styles – modern and beveled – as well as five color options.

Samsung’s 2021 smart TVs come with a solar-powered remote

Samsung aims towards a sustainable future and the company will make efforts to reduce its carbon footprint in TV manufacturing and improve energy efficiency in 2021. The company’s 2021 lifestyle TVs be wrapped in Eco-packaging same as last year, but so will the new Neo QLED models.

Furthermore, every Samsung Smart TV sold in 2021 will now be accompanied by a solar-powered remote control that can be recharged via USB and by indoor or outdoor light.

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