Samsung is supporting over a dozen C-Lab Outside startups at CES 2021

Tech events are a great place for startups to get in the limelight and reveal their products, and the fact that every major tech event last year was held in a virtual environment hasn’t been beneficial at all for smaller companies who are trying to gain visibility. Luckily for more than a dozen startups fostered by Samsung’s C-Lab Outside program, the Korean tech giant is offering a helping hand to get them on the virtual stage at CES 2021.

Samsung Electronics will be showcasing both C-Lab Inside projects and C-Lab Outside startups at CES 2021. C-Lab Inside was founded in 2012 as the company’s incubation program designed to help Samsung employees bring unique and innovative ideas to life. On the other hand, C-Lab Outside was created in 2018 as a platform meant to accelerate the startup ecosystem in South Korea.

17 C-Lab Outside startups will attend CES 2021

Samsung will support 4 C-Lab Inside projects, including:

  • EZCal: An automated TV picture quality calibration app.
  • Air Pocket: A portable oxygen storage device.
  • Scan & Dive: An IoT device for fabric classification and care recommendation.
  • Food & Sommelier: A service designed to find the best food and wine pairings.

In addition to these C-Lab Inside projects, Samsung will also showcase a total of 17 C-Lab Outside startups at the upcoming trade show, and their areas of expertise are as varied as you can imagine. A few of their innovative concepts include a smart height and weight scale for children, a real-life avatar creation tool that leverages VR and AR, and an AI-powered fashion design creation tool.

These are only a handful of startups but there are many more. There’s even a fortune telling and mental care character-based conversational chatbot that will be showcased by Thingsflow, and a language learning platform that uses gaming as a learning tool.

CES 2021 is scheduled to take place from January 11 through January 14. You can refer to the list below for more details on the 17 C-Lab Outside startups featured by Samsung.

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