Exclusive: Samsung will launch the Galaxy S21 series in early January

There have been rumors floating around in recent weeks suggesting that the Galaxy S21 series may be unveiled a bit earlier next year. Samsung has traditionally opted for a February unveil and a March release. This may not be the case for the Galaxy S21.

Once these rumors started surfacing, we began hitting up our sources in Asia to find out if there was some truth to them. Turns out that there is. Samsung will indeed be launching the Galaxy S21 series in early January 2021.

Galaxy S21 launch set for January 2021

There may be many different reasons why the company would want an early launch. Perhaps it wants to further capitalize on Huawei’s absence from the flagship scene. Or it may just want to put some space between the main Galaxy S21 lineup and the eventual Fan Edition that would be released later in the year.

Since both the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip were launched at the same time in February this year, Samsung might be thinking of putting some distance between them as well. It’s having to juggle two foldable lines and two flagship lines now so perhaps a reorientation of its launch timelines is needed.

Per our sources, barring any unforeseen circumstances, an early January 2021 launch has been decided for the next flagship lineup. The exact dates are not yet known but we’re working on finding them out. The actual release could take place towards the end of January or early February 2021.

Recent reports have suggested that Samsung’s suppliers have begun mass production of components for the Galaxy S21 series. This is another indication that things are moving much faster this time around.

Samsung would obviously not have the logistics headache of organizing an Unpacked event in San Francisco as it has done for previous Galaxy S flagships. It’s very likely that the Galaxy S21 event will also be a virtual affair.

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