Bixby 3.0 brings support for Indian English and India-specific features

While Samsung isn’t focusing on Bixby as much as it used to during its launch events, the company is still keeping its AI-powered voice assistant updated with new and improved features. Six months ago, the company completely redesigned Bixby’s UI and added support for Samsung DeX. The South Korean firm has now launched Bixby 3.0 in India with support for Indian English and India-specific features.

Bixby can now understand Indian English and context. The company said that its digital voice assistant now has the capability to understand Indian names, contacts, relations, places, recipes, content, and a lot more. Bixby can now check the weather in your city, start a yoga timer, understand Indian words for relationships, and show you recipes for local cuisines. If you are a Galaxy user in India, you can now change Bixby’s language to English (India) from its language settings menu.

You can set relationships and their names by clicking on the profile image towards the top of the screen. Alternatively, you can just say any Indian relationship name, and Bixby will assist you in linking those names to specific contacts. Samsung said that it will add more India-specific features to Bixby in the coming months. This new version of Bixby is currently only available on the Galaxy A52, Galaxy A72, and the Galaxy S21, but more devices will support it soon.

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