Samsung will continue to follow its ongoing naming formula for its Galaxy smartphones and, as a result, the sequel to the Galaxy A71 will be known as the Galaxy A72. This upcoming device might break new ground once it hits the shelves as it could become Samsung’s first mid-range smartphone to implement features that have so far been reserved for the premium segment.

It could also become Samsung’s first smartphone to establish a new camera trend, or at least this is what some of the early unconfirmed reports suggest.


A smartphone’s camera hump or housing has seemingly become the main design element that contributes a touch of uniqueness in this era of smartphones. There’s a shift in the camera housing design every one or two years, and it’s likely that the Galaxy A72 will have an interesting-looking camera module even if the phone will seem very familiar from the front and sides.

The Galaxy A72 will likely have physical buttons mounted to the right edge, a metal frame, and a colorful plastic/glasstic back panel.


The Galaxy A71 was released at the beginning of 2020 and was succeeded by the Galaxy A72 5G six months later. The story of the Galaxy A72 will be different as it should ship as a 4G/5G device from day-one. It will probably ship with 128GB of storage as standard.


Galaxy A71

The Galaxy A72 will most-likely have an Infinity-O Super AMOLED display with a diagonal measuring roughly 6.7 inches. The resolution could be unchanged at 2400 by 1080 pixels and chances are that it won’t exceed a 60Hz refresh rate.


The Galaxy A72 rumor mill first began with early bits of information pertaining to the camera. This appears to be an area of focus for Samsung, and if the rumors are to be believed, the Galaxy A72 will become the company’s first mid-range smartphone to adopt optical image stabilization (OIS) camera technology.

Furthermore, another rumor claims that it could become Samsung’s first-ever smartphone to feature a penta-camera setup on the back panel. Samsung has had devices equipped with four rear-facing cameras before, but a five camera setup would be new to the industry.

Software and Features

It’s too early to tell what software features may or may not be available for the Galaxy A72 once it goes official, but the phone is expected to ship with Android 11 and at least One UI 2.5, if not version 3.0. Like the Galaxy A71, it will be on the list of Samsung devices that receive three Android OS upgrades.

Availability and Price

The Galaxy A72 4G and Galaxy A72 5G should be released at the same time and availability will differ by market. Samsung could release the phone in the first quarter of 2021 for a price similar to the Galaxy A71 at launch, or around $400+.

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