Samsung’s ‘Metal 12’ magnesium alloy destined for future Galaxy and Gear devices

Samsung’s new Notebook 9 (2018) is made from “Metal 12,” that’s what the company is calling its durable and lightweight magnesium-aluminum alloy. The company has now filed a trademark for the term Metal 12 and the filing suggests that this durable material may also be used for future Galaxy and Gear devices, i.e. smartphones and smartwatches.

Metal 12: A proprietary magnesium-aluminum alloy

Samsung introduced Metal 12 to the world as a durable but lightweight magnesium-aluminum alloy that it created. The material’s first outing on a consumer product is with the recently unveiled Notebook 9 (2018), the new material boosts the notebook’s portability due to its lightweight properties.

Samsung has filed for a trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office to protect the “Metal 12” moniker. The filing reveals that Samsung isn’t ruling out the possibility of using Metal 12 for devices like smartphones and smartwatches.

Rumors about Samsung using magnesium for its flagship Galaxy S smartphones have been around for a few years. Previous reports reveal that the company possibly tested a prototype of the Galaxy S7 made from a magnesium alloy but that’s not what we got with the final product.

It’s unlikely that Metal 12 will be used for the Galaxy S9 or even the Galaxy Note 9 for that matter. What this trademark registration does is cover Samsung until such time it decides to actually use this material for other products like smartphones and smartwatches. When it intends to do that is anybody’s guess right now.

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