Customers will only be able to buy the new Galaxy M series online

We exclusively reported late last year that Samsung is working on a new series of affordable smartphones called the Galaxy M. The new series is going to consolidate its offerings in the budget segment of the market.

Subsequent reports have suggested that the Galaxy M series will replace Samsung’s Galaxy C, Galaxy J and Galaxy On series. We have already opined on whether the Galaxy M series could bring about Samsung’s resurgence in the budget segment. Where would you buy one, though?

Samsung will only let you buy the Galaxy M series online

Samsung will be launching the Galaxy M series in India prior to a global rollout. Asim Warsi, its mobile chief in India, has confirmed that the phones will only be sold through its website and Amazon in the country. Samsung’s online sales in India are expected to double after this launch.

“The M series has been built around and incepted around Indian millennial consumers,” Warsi said. The Galaxy M series will be released globally after the handsets are released in India by the end of this month.

Commenting on the pricing, he said that the devices will start at less than 10,000 rupees or $140 and go up to 20,000 rupees or $280. They will have features like fast charging and hefty batteries, he confirmed. Warsi did not offer any specifics about the devices.

The Galaxy M lineup will reportedly include three models at launch – the Galaxy M10, M20 and M30. The M10 is believed to feature a 6.02-inch Infinity-V display, Exynos 7870, 3,400mAh battery 3G RAM and up to 32GB of storage. The M20 and M30 may have chunky 5,000mAh batteries. The Galaxy M30 could even have a triple camera system at the back. The Exynos 7885 and 4GB of RAM would be under the hood.

We have also exclusively revealed that the devices will be released in markets across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It’s unclear if the Galaxy M series will be sold online-only in other parts of the world as well. It would make sense for Samsung to do that. The company would cut on overhead costs and compete more effectively against Chinese rivals on price. That’s the agenda with the Galaxy M series.


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Do you heard about Huawei affair in Poland ?


yes, it is the right time. for the Samsung to compete against the likes of Xiaomi, asus and realme.


I don’t know the Indian budget market at all, but those prices seem to be very competitive given the possible specs and prices.. Or maybe I’m wrong..